Break Out The Tissues, Because Kevin & Astrid's 'BiP' Breakup Is A Doozy

Paul Hebert/ABC

Astrid and Kevin seemed like the most solid couple throughout this entire season of Bachelor in Paradise. So when Chris Harrison gave the couples the option of leaving or getting in a Fantasy Suite with the option of getting engaged afterwards, it was a little surprising that Kevin's face dropped. When he pulled Astrid down to a palapa to talk, things did not look well (and the gloomy music didn't help much). After a tearful conversation, they decided to leave Paradise. But why did Kevin and Astrid break up on Bachelor in Paradise, when they seemed like the real deal the whole entire time?

Kevin, who had been really open about his feelings throughout, sat Astrid down and told her that he wasn't sure about their future together. He said that the thought of a Fantasy Suite and picking out rings scared him, citing the fact that he had been at that moment with other women and it didn't work out. (Remember, he and Ashley I. were supposed to be endgame once upon a time.)

Astrid was shocked, as you can imagine. "I wake up every day and ask you what you're thinking," she told Kevin, as he struggled to explain that he finally felt a little unsure about their relationship. They were both in tears by the end of it, with Astrid a little more angry than sad in the car on her way out — rightfully. She said that she was "blindsided" by Kevin's breakup talk and to be honest, so was all of Bachelor Nation.

Right before they walked down to have "The Talk," Astrid told the cameras that she wasn't exactly ready to get married but that if Kevin popped the question on the beach, she "would say 'yes.'" And you know what? No one could blame her. Since Week 1, they have been spending time together, working their issues out, being super honest with each other, and yes, even sharing a sausage kiss. But because they were both open about their anxiety earlier in the season, their breakup actually makes sense in a way. Anxiety can make you question everything you do — and this had to be rough for Kevin.

Still, it came as a surprise to viewers and their fellow cast mates. Everyone on the beach looked shocked as two packed up their bags and headed to the cars, given that Astrid and Kevin were totally the most grownup, solidly together couple of all of them. If Kevin and Astrid aren't endgame, how could any other couple last? It was wild.

Kevin, just two weeks ago, sat Astrid down and said, "I'm really enjoying these past seven days with you. I feel like seven days could turn into 70 years, except I kind of want you to go on a date with another guy. Every guy that comes in here knows there's a big 'X' across you, like, 'She's taken.' It doesn't really push my boundaries. Like, in the real world, babe, especially after something like this show, we're both going to be pushed that way, because that's how it is."

Of course, it's hard to know what really happens when the cameras are off and meeting someone on a television show, dating for a few weeks on a beach, and then being pressured to get engaged is a lot to handle. We all respected Kevin's maturity when he was open about therapy and his feelings earlier in the season, so maybe this is really for the best. Doesn't mean that it wasn't hard to watch him and Astrid say goodbye this week. Maybe they'll have good news for fans at the reunion.