The Meaning Behind Kim K's Baby's Name Appears To Be Really Sweet

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After days of speculation, the secret is finally out: Kim Kardashian's third baby is named Chicago West. But after going through options like Rose and Vuitton, why Kardashian chose the name Chicago for her daughter seems pretty obvious already.

Some might think that the name is super out there. But, if you know anything about Chicago West's father, Kanye West, you know that the name is actually a pretty special choice that honors Kanye's roots. The rapper grew up in Chicago, and he hasn't been afraid to let the world know of his love for the city. An NME article from 2013 describes just how Chi-town affected the outspoken rapper and producer as an artist. The article notes that Kanye started his career in the city and became very much involved in Chicago's underground hip-hop scene, which saw him in the same community as rappers like Common and Rhymefest.

In fact, Kanye was so involved in the hip-hop scene that he dropped out from Chicago State University at 20 years old in order to focus on his music career, according to the Chicago Tribune. He had also previously attended American Academy of Art before transferring to Chicago State, as NBC Chicago News reports. This time in his life had a major effect on him, of course, and he titled his debut album The College Dropout. The rapper went on to earn an honorary degree from the School of Art Institute Chicago in 2015.

It's this Chi-town influence that one can still see in many of his popular tracks. His single "Homecoming" is one of the more obvious tributes to Chicago and clearly shows just how much the city means to him.

While he's since made the move to L.A., his hometown is never far from his mind. And now, with his daughter's name, it really never will be.

Kardashian and West previously announced the birth of their daughter on Jan. 16, with a statement on Kardashian's website. The couple announced that their daughter, was born on Jan. 15 and that the entire family were "so in love" with the new addition. However, they didn't release a name for the baby until four days later.

After the birth announcement, speculation about the name ran wild. In the day following Chicago's birth, Kardashian posted a couple of interesting Instagram photos with Louis Vuitton prints. Many thought that the photo was a subtle nod to the baby's possible name, such as Vuitton or Elvie. Yet, she clarified things later and said that she just wanted to honor her friend Kim Jones, the artistic director for Louis Vuitton's menswear line, who was having his final runway show.

Some fans thought that the famous couple would go a couple of different other routes for the name. According to the Daily Mail, a paparazzi suggested the name "Donda" to Kanye, when he explained that the two had yet to decide on a name for their little one. The name would have honored the rapper's late mother. Another fan had an interesting theory, which related back to the family's surname. They claimed that the baby's name would start with an "E" to go along with "North" and "Saint" and the last name "West" to complete the fam's "compass".

Alas, Kardashian and Kanye did things their way with their child's name. While it may seem completely wild at first, given Kanye's Chicago roots, it's actually a sweet way to honor his hometown.

So, it's not at all surprising that the couple went with a totally unique name like "Chicago". After all, the two have already bucked more traditional names when it came to their children North and Saint. It wasn't likely they were going to start picking any old name out of a baby book now. "Chicago" was likely a name choice no one saw coming. That's partly what makes it great. It's totally different and interesting, as one has come to expect from the Kardashian fam. But, most importantly, the name honors Kanye in the best way. And that's what makes the name so special.