Kristina Wasn't Happy With This 'Bach' Decision

Rick Rowell/ABC

With hometown dates coming up next week on The Bachelor, Monday night's episode led to Nick Viall making a pretty big decision: Out of the six remaining women on the show, he had to choose two to send home. And unfortunately, that meant saying goodbye to one of my favorite contestants, Kristina. After seeing her open up about her past and watching her genuine feelings for Nick develop over the last couple of episodes, I've definitely been rooting for her, but now, that's all come to an end. So why did Nick eliminate Kristina from The Bachelor? He just didn't see their relationship having a future.

After the dates in Bimini were over, Nick had to figure out which of the women he was sending home, and he ended things with Kristina before the episode ended. Unfortunately, that means we had to watch the heartbreaking moment where he let her know that their relationship wasn't progressing as quickly as his other ones were, and, rather than wait to see if his feelings for Kristina caught up, he decided to let her go.

Listen, I know this is The Bachelor and these things have to happen. But did he really have to send Kristina home?! She is too precious to lose!

And for the record, Kristina was pissed that Nick decided to send her packing, and she wasn't about to hide it, either. It seemed like it was a difficult breakup for him, since he was crying, but Kristina didn't seem convinced it was the right choice and that he'd given her a fair shot. And in case Nick wasn't aware, Kristina is a total catch he would have been lucky to give a Neil Lane ring to. Just saying.

I'm pretty bummed that when Bachelor is back on next week, Kristina won't be there. The good news? There's always Paradise... and by that, I mean Bachelor in Paradise. Producers, don't let us down!