A Beloved 'Bachelor: LTYH' Contestant Just Went Home & Fans Are *Very* Upset

Sheridan and Julia The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart

Sadly, a romantic date and sizzling live performance weren't enough to keep Julia and Sheridan together on The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. During Monday night's episode, all of the couples dated other people for one night, giving Brandon and Julia yet another chance to explore their feelings for each other. When Julia returned to the mansion, she broke the news that she wasn't over Brandon to Sheridan, who then went home.

"I wanted somebody that I could be honest and open with and direct and have a healthy relationship with. I thought I found somebody that might've been able to do that, but she wasn't the one," Sheridan told the cameras, before clearly shading Brandon. "I think [Julia has] been with a lot of sh*tty guys, and I was trying to be the one to break that cycle because I thought she deserved that. But maybe she needs a few more."

As he made his exit, he made one final, heartbreaking reflection. "I put myself out there and I hoped it was enough to win her over, but it wasn't. I think that there must be something wrong with me, because I'm consistently not enough for the people that I'm with."

Poor, sweet Sheridan. He deserved so much better, and fans are emotional about his departure.

That being said, there's still a glimmer of hope for his relationship with Julia. They two follow each other on Instagram, which could mean they rekindled things romantically, or that they're at least still on good terms. For Sheridan's sake, let's hope it's the latter; he's already been through enough heartache. Get this man a woman who looked at him the way he looked at Julia!