Why I Actually Want Corinne To Win 'The Bachelor'

Rick Rowell/abc

This is, admittedly, not a popular opinion, but I want Corinne to win The Bachelor. I know many of are likely scratching your heads right now, so just hear me out. Since the first episode of Nick Viall's season, I have been waiting for Corinne to be sent packing. She was marked as the villain from the get-go and didn't do much to dispel that label. She made speeches about not wanting to make friends, blatantly battled for Nick's attention, and casually mentioned that she has a nanny who takes care of her. She didn't seem to care what the other women thought of her, or viewers, really, but she still has me rooting for her.

Sometimes, it's not all about which women have the most fans. There are plenty of contestants this season that I personally am a bigger fan of than Corinne — for example, Raven, who I would love to hang out with one day. But that doesn't mean I think she's right for Nick. Corinne, on the other hand, I could never see myself hanging out with for any length of time, because our personalities simply wouldn't mesh. But I'm not the person she's trying to win over on The Bachelor and if you think about it, Nick and Corinne may be perfect together.

The biggest reason why I want Corinne to win The Bachelor is simple: she is definitely only there for Nick. She has made it clear from the jump that she is not there to make friends or for any motive other than winning Nick's heart. It seems like people doubt Corinne's interest in him because she leads with her sexuality, but that's just a way of shaming her for being comfortable with and open about her sexuality. Corinne is clearly attracted to Nick and confident, and neither of those things mean she isn't also connecting with him on a real level.


For his part, Nick seems to also be genuinely interested in Corinne, and showed that he doesn't want to rush their relationship when he decided not to sleep with her in the Feb. 13 episode. He fell hard for both Andi and Kaitlyn on their Bachelorette seasons and now that he's the one calling the shots, is trying to take things slowly so that fewer people end up hurt. So denying Corinne's advances wasn't about not liking her, it was more likely about making sure that things don't move too quickly.

I also think that because of his past heartbreak, Nick really needs someone who is going to be upfront about their intentions and not play games. Corinne is extremely upfront about everything and has proven time and time again that she isn't afraid to speak her mind. While that's rubbed some of the other contestants the wrong way, when it comes to Nick, it means she's not playing games with him.

So not only do I think Corinne deserves to win The Bachelor, but I'm certain that she has a good chance of receiving that final rose. Even if you aren't rooting for Corinne, you shouldn't underestimate her.