Ivanka's 'Us Weekly' Cover Story Has Become A Meme

by Chris Tognotti
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Despite her prominence as first daughter and her official role as presidential assistant, Ivanka Trump wants it to be known that she and her father don't always see eye to eye. But after Us Weekly published a cover story titled "Why I Disagree With My Dad," memes and tweets playing on the article’s headline ridiculed the idea that Trump is indeed standing up to her father.

The crux of the story is that while Trump may act as a crucial and unapologetic ambassador for the administration's far-right (and in practice, decidedly non-populist) political agenda, she wants to be seen as a woman of personal conviction and a positive influence on her father. By way of her leverage, President Trump, the argument goes, deserves some credit from moderates and progressives alike.

That point, though, seems to have been undercut by reality. According to reports leading up to the president's decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement, Trump tried to convince her father against doing so. Assuming the reports were true, it seems her powers of persuasion weren't as strong as the public was led to believe, making her Us Weekly cover story even less plausible — and you bet social media users were there to let her know it.

1. Why My Brand Disagrees

2. A Square On Dystopia Bingo

3. The Name Of The Xanga Post I Wrote

4. Also, My Brothers

5. My Father Is Evil

6. Silent Cover

7. Why I Disagree With My Dad

8. I Have A Lot To Talk About


10. It's For Branding Purposes

11. To Maintain My Brand

12. Ivanka Al-Ghul

13. Thank You So, So Much

14. You're Ruining My Brand

15. I Want It Now

16. Sure, Jan

17. Why I Publicly Pretend To Disagree

18. wHy I diSaGReE wItH mY daD

19. Why I Disagree With My Dad


21. When I Disagree With My Dad...

22. What Would We Do Without Her

23. 'Us Weekly' Has Recently Been Purchased...

OK, so that last one isn't exactly a joke or a meme, but it's important for understanding the context of all this. The National Enquirer, a ubiquitous supermarket checkout tabloid, has long been friendly to the Trumps, and the same company that owns it just took over Us Weekly. That's good to know, just in case you're wondering how they landed this not-so-hot, not-so-new Trump scoop. Rest assured that this Us Weekly narrative isn't something she's been at all shy about in the past.