'Idiotsitter's First Sex Scene Shocked Jillian Bell & Charlotte Newhouse

by Sydney Bucksbaum
Comedy Central

Idiotsitter is going where it never has gone before: its very first sex scene. Comedy Central's hilarious series starring Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse is about to premiere its second season (airing Saturdays at 8 p.m.), and despite its no-holds-barred approach to comedy in the first season, they never actually filmed any sex scenes ... before now. That's all changing in Season 2, and Bell and Newhouse couldn't stop giggling while talking about it with Bustle and two other reporters at Comedy Central's offices in Hollywood.

"We're such goody two shoes," Newhouse says with a smile. "There's one sex scene and I realized we've never had a sex scene. No one ever makes out with anyone. We don't do that! So it felt so weird to be doing it."

Bell, sitting next to Newhouse in the glass walled conference room overlooking the patio, throws back her head to laugh. "I'm used to like Broad City, Workaholics, 'we're just like doing drugs and having sex,'" Bell says. "So now I'm like, 'We're going to make out this season?! Oh man!'"

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Both Bell and Newhouse devolve into a bit where they're shocked at getting the chance to have one make-out scene in Idiotsitter this season, laughing the entire time.

"I feel like we're always pushing it to go further and this season we definitely did," Bell says once the giggle fit ends. "It's a different show. [Comedy Central] is pretty willing to go there. There are certain things where they've given us a little pushback. I feel like they've been great at giving us good notes to tone certain things down but for the most part they're like, 'Yeah that's fun, go for it.'"

According to Newhouse, there was only one storyline they were not allowed to do this season.

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"There was like one thing I kept hanging onto and everyone was always like, 'That's really not okay, it's straddling a line,'" she says with a laugh. "And I was like, 'No it isn't, we need to talk about this!' Of course I can't remember what it is. It was something to do with a fraternity. But there's definitely times when everyone goes across the line."

Idiotsitter ended Season 1 with Gene (Bell) finally ending her house arrest stint, and in Season 2, she's going to college (hence the attempted fraternity story). Both Bell and Newhouse couldn't wait to finally get out of the house and start to open up the show to more places and characters for the first time.

"I don't have an ankle monitor anymore so now it's like the world is our oyster!" Bell says with a big laugh. "It was fun getting to play around with different characters. It's grown up a little bit. We're going to college. There's a bigger world now and there's really fun guest stars [like] Jake Johnson, Michaela Watkins. We blew it up and blew it out."

According to Newhouse, all the changes make Idiotsitter a completely new show heading into this season, and that gave them a new energy to work with. "It's pretty different because we were house bound the first season so everything takes place in one spot," she says. "Now it's way more fun because it's a bigger world."

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When talking about all the guest stars they were able to nab for Season 2, Bell reveals that they tried to get Michael Sheen for a role, but he was filming a "very dramatic" movie and couldn't make the schedule work (both Bell and Newhouse promise they're going to see it when it comes out). But they were able to get Matthew Modine for an extended Season 2 arc, something they're still pinching themselves over.

"I don't think we were even thinking that big, that was just to try and see if he'll do it," Newhouse says. "That was just a total reach. We got lucky. And he was just the best."

And the way they got Modine to sign on for the show was just a tiny bit different then their usual methods.

"Usually we ask favors of people who have worked with us before," Bell says. "But my friend Lenny was in a movie with him and they were buddies and were following each other on Twitter. I was like, 'There's no way Matthew Modine would do this, right?' And he was like, 'I'll reach out on Twitter.' And then he was like, 'Okay, he says to follow him and then DM him.' So on Thanksgiving, he was like, 'This is a good cranberry sauce recipe.'"

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She laughs, then continues, "We were just texting on Twitter and so the internet is very helpful just to get amazing guest stars. His one request was just, 'I don't want to play someone like Trump.' Done. His role is ridiculous."

And speaking of the current President of the United States, don't worry about having to endure any more Trump references or jokes if that's become a little too saturated in pop culture for your liking. Newhouse and Bell promise that Idiotsitter will not have any political jokes in Season 2.

"We really missed the sea change. We were finishing writing right before America had a certain election," Newhouse says. "We really missed that boat. It was just hitting us coming into work in tears but we didn't get to put it into the show."

Bell adds, "And we also talked about people wanting to watch something to just get away from it all so that will be our show."

A distraction from the current political nightmare and a hilarious new direction for the show? Idiotsitter Season 2 is shaping up to be exactly what we all want and need.