Your Rose Gold iPhone May Be The Last Of Its Kind

Between all of the clothes, food, wines, and beauty products, it's been the era of millennial pink, a color that says "I'm whimsical! In a sort of a muted, neutral way that isn't too flashy and still matches with a lot." But are the pink years finally coming to a close? That may be the case in the tech world at least. According to the website Mac Rumors, the new iPhone 8, 7s, and 7s Plus will come in black, silver, and copper gold, but the new iPhone models might not come in rose gold.

In a video uploaded August 10th, YouTuber Danny Winget shows off what he claims are the final prototypes of the upcoming iPhone 8, and seems perplexed by the rumored new color.

"The shade is much darker," Winget says, tuning the phone over in his hand, "It's hard to even describe this color. I think it's pretty ugly. This is a drastic change from the rose gold color."

Indeed, the "copper gold," as it's being called, looks like the orange-brown of an old Cadillac from the '70s, rather than the soft pink of a crisp rosé on a sunny afternoon.

As expected, the new iPhones do not appear to have a home button, and the bezel (the rim around the screen) is much narrower. While some of the bezels on the mockups have been white, experts predict the final product will have black bezels to better blend in with the phone's enhanced display.

It's unclear why Apple would choose to discontinue the rose gold, which has been a popular color on many of its devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook, since it was introduced in September 2015. One study by Pocket Now estimated that despite being one of four colors on offer, rose gold accounted for 30-40 percent of total iPhone orders in 2015, well over the expected 25 percent.

Given the color's popularity, it's no surprise that people are already beginning to express their disappointment about the rumor that it's been discontinued.

Although we have a pretty good idea of what the new phones will look like, we won't know for sure until they're officially launched in September. And worst comes to worst, you can always just buy a rose gold case for the iPhone 8, because who has the kind of boundless confidence to carry around a phone without a case anyway?