Rosé Alfredo Is A Millennial Pink Daydream

As a lifelong fan of the color pink, I am fully onboard with millennials essentially turning "millennial pink" into our official generational flag color and rosé-ifying pretty much everything we can get our hipster hands on. If you have already tried the likes of rosé ice cream, rosé popsicles, and (le gasp) the rosé forty, then your thirst has probably been long quenched... but now you're probably really, really hungry. Enter your new hero, this rosé alfredo dish that is about to revolutionize every summer gathering you have for the next two months.

Rosé alfredo is the beautiful, Instagrammable brainchild of Grant Melton, a Brooklyn-based cook who learned from Rachael Ray herself, and wears many, many hats on her talk show Rachael Ray. But considering his personal website of recipes is a champion for rosé lovers everywhere, he may be able to argue for a Rachael Rosé spin-off. Rosé alfredo is just one of many rosé-themed recipes he has #blessed us with this summer, and, praise be to my fellow cooking incompetents, this one is extremely easy to make.

Well, so long as you can open a bottle of rosé and save an entire cup of it to add into this gorgeous pile of carbs and cheese instead of accidentally drinking it all on the porch while you're waiting on the rest of the dinner to finish cooking. (Whoops.)

Melton's recipe is available on his website, and is essentially a classic Alfredo white sauce with a rosé twist. Technically it serves four, but I choose to read that as "for," as in, "for me only, but it was nice of you to try to get in on this, friend". As well it should, it also involves copious amounts of parmesan cheese (and, for the Instagram-inclined, a pink plate to tie the whole thing together).

If you're interested in diving even deeper down the delicious rosé rabbit hole, Melton has several other summer-friendly recipes, from his rosé-macerated peaches with mozzarella to his rosé strawberry doughnuts. Essentially, if you follow Melton's careful rosé guidance, you have a rosé app, a rosé entrée, and a rosé dessert for a full three-course millennial pink daydream of a meal. We'll just have to spare enough of our cooking rosé to raise a glass and cheers to that.