Why Is Drake Skipping The 2017 Grammys? He's Got The Best Reason For It

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A handful of incredibly talented and relevant artists are skipping the 2017 Grammys — some on purpose, others not. Like, I'm sure you've heard that Drake will be skipping the 2017 Grammys by now, but he's not the only one. In late 2016, Frank Ocean explained his Grammys protest, believing the show to be somewhat irrelevant and non-representative of young, diverse artists in the business. According to TMZ, this may also be why Justin Bieber is skipping out this year. The site reports that Kanye West also won't attend, regardless of his nominations, and it hasn't been confirmed why. Which brings us back to another artist skipping this year's show. Drake is nominated for seven awards including Album of the Year for Views. So why isn't he going?

Drake isn't skipping the show in protest (though maybe he would if he could). He also isn't avoiding the show to dodge cameras inevitably being up in his grill about his current rumored flame Jennifer Lopez. Instead, the rapper has prior obligations. The show will air live on Feb. 12 from Los Angeles, but there's somewhere else Drake just has to be: across the pond while on tour in Europe. And, yeah, that may be a tricky thing to get his way out of.

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Drake is in the middle of his self-titled tour, and he'll be performing the night before the Grammys and the night of at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom. On Valentine's Day, he'll be performing in London. Who knows? Maybe he'll speak out about Frank Ocean's thoughts at some point, or maybe not.

Some of Drake's other nominations include Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo Performance for "Work" with Rihanna, as well as Best Rap/Sung Performance for "Hotline Bling" (obviously). Rihanna, who also scored a handful of nominations, is likely to be at the show and accept any awards on behalf of "Work" for Drake.

Sadly, this also means chances of this happening again are negative:


There will always be the gif, though.