Josh & "Meatball" Cody Just Can't Get Along on 'Big Brother'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Cody just can't seem to make friends in the Big Brother house. Granted, he's not trying to, but few people have made so many enemies so quickly in the Big Brother house as Cody has. One of his many enemies is Josh, who has gotten into verbal arguments with Cody before. Josh and Cody have disliked each other as long as they've been in the house, but what caused Josh to yell at Cody at the Power of Veto ceremony in the July 12 episode? What final straw pushed Josh over the edge?

It wasn't the first time that the two men came to verbal blows in the past week, with Cody leaving Josh in tears after accusing him of making "victim noises." It seems the argument left an impact on Josh, who waited until he had an audience to let Cody know that he was being a cruel "meatball" of a person. Josh waited until he was given time during his Power of Veto speech to dig into Cody and Jessica, but the two seemed happy to laugh it off and lob insults back at Josh. Eventually, most of the other houseguests asked Josh to calm down, but fans wanted him to keep talking. Josh's anger at Jess and Cody reflects many Big Brother fan's feelings about the showmance, as reflected in tweets about the fight.

Cody's insults were along the lines of what fans have come to expect, telling Josh to "change [his] diaper" and calling himself one of the only "alphas" in a house full of "betas." Josh's line of insult was a tad more creative, referring back to his classification of Cody as a meatball and asking the entire house "Who wants meatballs for lunch? Bet you want ‘em, huh [Cody]?"

Josh and Cody's dislike of each other doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down, but luckily for Josh it looks like his least favorite meatball won't be in the house much longer. This entire week has seen the house joining forces to try and eliminate Cody, and it looks like he'll be getting cooked. If Cody gets evicted, Josh may finally get a week of peace in the house. Unless, of course, Josh finds someone else to pick a fight with, which he has a bad habit of doing.