Josh Is Having Issues With Megan On 'BB19'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

At the beginning of the June 29 episode of Big Brother, Josh was struggling with feeling like a targeted member of the house. His fear of going home manifested into a serious issue with Megan, who he confronted during the HOH competition. Why is Josh mad at Megan on Big Brother 19? Even he doesn't seem to really know.

With Josh already feeling like the odd member out, the first HOH competition yielded some interesting results. For starters, he went against his team and took the Golden Apple for himself in order to protect himself from this week's eviction. While he ket himself safe, his behavior definitely put him on everyone's radar. Josh continued to put himself out there when he called out Megan and yelled at her during the competition, accusing her of trying to sabotage him.

Josh's outburst not only confused the rest of the Houseguests, but fans on social media as well. It's unclear what Megan did exactly to be on the receiving end of Josh's wrath, but it was bad enough that he felt the need to confront her again. According to Josh, Megan is a "snake" (loving the Garden of Eden theme here) and a "bully." Of course, Megan's response was to burst into tears, which didn't bode well for Josh's cause.

Granted, Josh tried to make things right with Megan later in the episode, but the damage was already done. She spent the rest of the episode with a target on her back, leaving Cody to take his cue from Josh and nominate Megan for eviction. "I just don't like you that much," Cody told Megan. Sound a bit familiar?

The point of Big Brother is to stay in the game, but Josh's selfish move and blowup at Megan didn't convey the best strategy. Even if Megan is evicted, Josh may be the next target for elimination.