Nick Viall Is So Ready To Meet Mr. T

ABC/Jeff Daly

It's that time again. The cast of the 24th season of Dancing With The Stars was announced on Wednesday, and it is once again full of familiar faces. There are a few Olympians — the U.S. gymnastics team will continue to be represented on the show by Simone Biles, and legendary figure skater Nancy Kerrigan will also appear. There are plenty of other professional athletes on the list as well, like Rashad Jennings and David Ross. Of course, there is also the usual representation from the reality television community, and none other than Nick Viall is on the Dancing With The Stars cast list. The fuzzy-faced star of The Bachelor will be fresh off his latest season, hopefully with a new fiancée. But after being on reality TV for so long now, why would Viall go back again? Well, he won't be the first Bachelor star to appear on DWTS, he expressed interest in appearing on the series a while back, and he seems super excited now.

In an interview with ET in January, Viall brought up the potential of being put on the series. "I mean, I haven't given it much thought. I think it would be fun, you know?" Viall said. "Who wouldn't wanna do it?" Despite Viall's nonchalance about appearing, rumors were already flying that the star was in talks with the DWTS team.

The official DWTS account tweeted out a message for Bachelor Nation. Viall will be paired up with Peta Murgatroyd, who is hoping to carry the star to victory. "I'm super excited," Murgatroyd said on Good Morning America. "I have Nick Viall, the Bachelor."

Clearly, Viall doesn't mind the spotlight and is looking forward to his stint on the show. He retweeted some posts about his upcoming appearance on Wednesday and made a comment of his own. While he seems stoked to work with Murgatroyd, another reason he's excited is that he'll meet up with some other celebs on the show. At least, there is one other contestant he is eager to meet:

So, what are Viall's odds on this show? He will probably fair better than another ex-Bachelor turned dancing star Chris Soules, who wasn't quite as good at at waltzing as he was with the romance. However, we've seen Viall dance a bit throughout his Bachelor season, both on stage with the Backstreet Boys and in the streets of New Orleans with soon-to-be Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. It's clear Viall enjoys breaking out a move every once and a while, and at the very least that enthusiasm could carry him in the competition.

Murgatroyd seems confident in her partner's abilities, posting their casting photo to Instagram with an affirming message: "IM BACK with this stud @nickviall 🌹#bachelornation where you at??? Season 24 @dancingabc is gonna start with a bang 🎉". Of course, handsomeness does not necessarily determine dancing skill, and only time will tell if Viall is a viable (viallable?) contestant.

For now, Viall doesn't seem to be planning a return to software sales or Milwaukee. Perhaps one day he will return to his career roots, but for now, the dancing shoes are calling. The final episode of The Bachelor will air on March 13, while the new season of DWTS premieres March 20.