11 Times You Underestimated 2017 VMA Vanguard Pink

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From a R&B girl group to a solo rocker who marches to the beat of her own drum, Pink has proven that she's a leader over the years — not a follower. And that reason alone led the "You And Me" singer to being named MTV's 2017 VMAs Vanguard. Not only has Pink delivered inspirational records, with even more speechless performances to boot, but by never caving to trends, the pop star has also cemented her place among the most timeless of artists. It's about time that Pink was awarded for all of her contributions to the culture. And in case there are any naysayers out there wondering why Pink is the 2017 VMAs Vanguard winner, it's time to be recap all the times she was underestimated, but slayed the industry anyway.

Pink is one of the most underrated artists to date. And some would say that because she doesn't make a spectacle out of her personal life, she's sometimes overlooked. Throughout her time in the industry, Pink has always been brutally honest about herself and her career — whether that be through interviews, social media, or just her music — leaving no room for scandal or controversy in the press. She's a truth teller, thrill-seeker, and soul bearer, all of which makes her the gatekeeper of her own narrative.

Now sit back and get a load of all of the times Pink showed just how much she's the epitome of a vanguard.


The Time She Took On Former President George W. Bush In A Sweet Melodic Diss

The controversial track appeared on her 2006 album I'm Not Dead, and, unfortunately, is still pretty relevant in 2017. When Pink's song was first released, she told MTV, "I hope the president is proud of the fact that we live in a country where we can do things like that, where we can have dissent, talk, communicate and share our opinions."


When She Killed Her 2010 Grammys Performance From The Ceiling

Your favorite artist could never.


And That Time Oprah Fangirled Over Said Grammy Performance

Because yes, she was amazed by Pink, too.


Her Performance Of A Full-On Contemporary Routine Without Lip-Syncing At The 2012 American Music Awards

This is art, ladies and gentlemen.


The Time She Made Everyone Love A Song In Which She Parodied An Entire Industry

And it was a hit.


When Ellen DeGeneres Called On Pink To Write Her Talk Show's Theme Song

Yes, Pink wrote the show's iconic opening, and Ellen revealed that the lyrics are just as dark as her other masterpieces.


And The Time She Wrote An Anthem For Women Fed Up With Catcalling

As Pink so eloquently put it, "it's you and your hand tonight," buddy.


She Held Her Own Next To Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera, & Mya


This Exhilarating 5-Minute Interview

Spoiler alert: She speaks French, is a wine snob, and is too inappropriate for television.


The Time She Put Her Former Record Exec On Blast — By Name

She seemed to call out former Epic Records exec L.A. Reid in her 2009 hit song "Don't Let Me Get Me," singing, "L.A. told me you'd be a pop star / All you have to change is everything you are" — making her the badass of the century. (According to Digital Spy, Reid later denied he told Pink to change who he was during a TV special called The Rise & Rise Of Pink, but acknowledged she was "poking fun" at him.)


And The Time She Showed The World Her True Colors, Unapologetically

Most celebrities would've tried to make it look as though they had it all together, but when Pink found herself in front of MTV's Diary cameras, the pop star let her freak flag fly.

If anyone deserves the 2017 MTV Vanguard Award, it's Pink. She's pretty much an icon at this point.