Yes, Questlove Is DJing The Golden Globes


If you're watching the 2017 Golden Globes, you may have noticed something different — there's a DJ joining Jimmy Fallon onstage. But why is Questlove the Golden Globes' DJ? It appears that the show is trying something different this time around. Considering Questlove and the rest of The Roots serve as the in-house band for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, it's not all that surprising that he'd have Fallon's back yet again. According to People, Questlove is the musical director of this year's Globes and he also served as Fallon's righthand man. Questlove told People,

“Usually with Jimmy Fallon it starts with a call at one in the morning with a bunch of exclamation points. Like, ‘Hey how about!’ And then you have to make it happen."

Apparently, they were equally pumped about the gig. Questlove added, "I'm ready for anything. We’re excited. I think everyone is going to see how much fun it is." While it may be a change of pace from previous award shows to have a DJ onstage, there couldn't be a better duo helming the show, especially since Fallon and Questlove are so close. They work together on a regular basis, so it makes sense to collaborate on such a big night.

And Twitter was loving Questlove's contributions. Early in the night, people praised him as the best part of the show.

If Questlove did decide to DJ future award ceremonies, I don't think people would hate the idea.

Seriously, there was plenty of praise.

So, if the execs behind the Golden Globes are listening, add Questlove to the roster next year — and the following year. This is one part of the show that isn't receiving any complaints.