There's A Huge Mystery On 'The Bachelor' This Season


When the biographies of the new contestants on Arie’s season of The Bachelor came out, did you notice that a little something was missing? Say, the age of contestant Bekah Martinez, the short-haired nanny? Turns out that ABC didn’t reveal her age on the premiere of The Bachelor, either. What gives? Why doesn't The Bachelor show Bekah’s age in her chyron?

It’s not a huge secret that Bekah is 22 years old, since she said it herself in her “meet-the-contestant” interview at the beginning of the premiere in the press screener media people got. But, that part was edited out of the broadcast version. So why weren’t those two numbers put next to her name? (Bustle reached out to ABC about Bekah’s age on the show, and the network had no comment.) I’m of two minds about the issue — the first is that Bekah is the youngest one on The Bachelor — and 14 years Arie’s junior — and perhaps she didn’t want her age outwardly displayed because she doesn’t think it should be an issue. On the other side of the coin, maybe Bekah’s age isn’t being displayed because the show wants the public to talk about it and ask the very same question I’m asking right now. My guess is the latter, mostly because in the previews for The Bachelor season, Bekah's age is a main focus. "I wonder if her age is going to be a deal breaker," one off-camera woman says. Chelsea says, “I think she is reluctant to tell Arie how old she is,” followed by a tearful Bekah saying, “I’m like, sick of people saying that.”

Is Bekah young? Sure, and maybe that is a dealbreaker to Arie, whenever it finally comes up. But it's not like this is uncommon — Bachelor rules stipulate that contestants must be at least 21 years of age or older. She's an adult in the eyes of the law and the show. Frankly, Bekah’s age really doesn’t matter as it pertains to her being on The Bachelor, because she has so much more to offer than the amount of time she's spent on Earth. Bekah and Arie could really hit it off. Here's why.

She's A Thrill Seeker

Instead of rolling into boring questions about hometown and family, Bekah asked Arie what made him felt happy to be alive. Since he's a race car driver, he loves adrenaline, and he said "excitement." Bekah, who is a rock climber and outdoors-lover, echoed Arie's sentiments, because she loves that thrill, too.

She's Super Chill

From what we've seen of Bekah, she seems fun and easygoing. She rolled up to the arrivals in a classic Mustang, which was one of the coolest entrances in Bachelor history. Oh, and Arie loved it, so points for that, too.

She Also Has Focus

In her ABC.com bio, Bekah says that one of her biggest fears is "being trapped in an unfulfilling life." Arie also seems to have this sort of "let's-not-waste-a-moment" philosophy, so they definitely have that in common.

She Has A Pixie Cut

I don't know that Arie loves short hair on a woman (I don't really care, either), but Bekah's short hair shows a level of confidence and comfort within herself. She rocks her look, and she does it well.

Bekah may be 22 years old, but Bekah and Arie could also be a match made in Bachelor heaven. If The Bachelor is trying to drum up drama because of Bekah's age, they are barking up the wrong tree, because once America gets to know Bekah, I'm sure everyone will fall in love with her. And right now, there is a good chance that Arie will do the same.