Faith Is Missing From The 'Buffy' Reunion

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The Scooby gang's back together again. Stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer surprised fans with a special Buffy reunion courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, but lovers of the show, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, will be disappointed to see that two familiar faces are missing. Anthony Head, who played watcher Giles, and Eliza Dushku, who played Faith, are not in the Buffy reunion photos or issue. Sarah Michelle Gellar has confirmed that Head was in England, but why isn't Faith at the Buffy reunion? Buffy (Gellar), Angel (David Boreanaz), Spike (James Masters), Oz (Seth Green), Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter), Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg), Joyce (Katherine Sutherland), Wesley (Alexis Denisof), Xander (Nicholas Brendon), Anya (Emma Caulfield), Tara (Amber Benson), and show creator Joss Whedon all took part in EW's special Buffy reunion issue, but Faith is nowhere in sight.

Update: On March 29, 2017, Eliza Dushku tweeted that she hadn't been invited to the reunion, in response to a fan question about her absence. Pointing out that her character had never been a series regular, she nonetheless expressed her approval of the reunion and love for the cast.

Earlier: Dushku only appeared in 20 episodes over Buffy the Vampire Slayer's seven season run, but she certainly made an impression. As Faith, the rowdy, aggressive slayer who burst into Sunnydale in Season 3, Dushku shook up the series and made such an impression, she returned multiple times over the course of the series. Not only did Faith appear in the the series finale, she also guest-starred on the popular spinoff series, Angel. As such an iconic part of the show, it's strange to see her left out of the big reunion event. So, what gives?

It's likely that Dushku's absence from the reunion special is simply due to scheduling conflicts. There's no evidence of any bad blood between her and the rest of the cast, or the series creator, who later cast her as the lead in the tragically underrated Dollhouse. Moreover, Dushku celebrated Buffy's 20th anniversary just a few weeks ago on her personal Instagram page, where she reposted a tribute to the show. "This show changed my life. It solidified this part of me that will forever represent a complex, imperfect, nonetheless badass woman," Dushku told The Hollywood Reporter in celebration of the show's anniversary. It sure sounds like Dushku would have been glad to participate in the Buffy reunion if she could have.

If you're bummed about the lack of Faith in the Buffy reunion, take heart in the knowledge that Dushku will soon be gracing your TV screens once more. The actor just booked a recurring role on CBS' Bull — with an option to become a series regular in Season 2. Five by five.