Sarah Michelle Gellar Slays Her 'Buffy' Tribute

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Into every generation a slayer is born, and this generation just so happened to have the greatest of them all. Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrated 20 years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a heartfelt tribute on Instagram that will remind you why Buffy Summers is still so important. Two decades have passed since Joss Whedon introduced the world to a feminist hero who did so much more than slay vampires, and her impact on the pop culture landscape has yet to fade.

If anything, Buffy's influence is more prevalent than ever before. You can see her in the young women on Pretty Little Liars, in Scandal's Olivia Pope, and Stranger Things' Eleven. Buffy is still everywhere, and as her portrayer, Gellar knows just how fortunate she was to bring such a landmark character to life.

Gellar's entire post is so beautiful, it would make Buffy herself cry, but this part should especially resonate with fans:

"While we knew the potential, I don’t think any of us saw the lasting impact our show would have. As an actor, you wish for that one role where you can leave your mark and forever be remembered, with Buffy I got so much more. She’s a feminist challenge to gender hierarchy. Buffy may have been the Chosen One, but I was the lucky one."

Gellar considers herself lucky to have landed such a life-changing role, but every viewer who has had the privilege of seeing her bring Buffy to life is just as lucky. Without her strength and endless ability to pour so much heart into Whedon's brilliant words, Buffy simply wouldn't have been the same character. Through Gellar, Buffy's perseverance, her stubbornness, her amazing capacity to love and screw up — and get back up and do it all over again — shined through.

The always humble Gellar had nothing but praise to offer her co-workers and everyone else who brought Buffy the Vampire Slayer to life for seven seasons. Her words to her castmates will put a smile on your face. They act as a reminder that even now, the Scooby Gang still believes in each other. Gellar wrote,

"Thank you to David, for always being my Angel. Thank you to James for understanding that while Buffy and Spike may have been love/hate, I have nothing but love for you. Alyson, as any woman knows, you are nothing without the love and support of great female friends, so thank you for being that. Michelle, you will always hold a key to my heart."

In 2003, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended in the most appropriate and poignant way possible. Buffy and her friends gave the power to be a slayer to every girl who possessed the potential. A fitting end for a series that not only led so many viewers to owning their own power, but led Gellar to recognizing hers as well.

Go grab your tissues, because when you see how Gellar wrapped up her post, you are going to need them.

"And lastly, but most importantly thank you to all of you, the fans. We made this show for you, and your unwavering support has kept this show going long past our seven years. You are everything. And always remember..."if the apocalypse comes, beep me."

After all this time, Gellar still hasn't stopped slaying, and something tells me she never will.