Natasha Missed Peter's 'Women Tell All' For A Perfectly Normal Reason

The Bachelor Women Tell All

Two of Peter's top six contestants on The Bachelor didn't attend Women Tell All, and Natasha Parker was one of them. Top five member Kelley Flanagan was reportedly never invited, per Reality Steve, and when fans began assuming the same for Natasha, she quickly shut that rumor down.

On Feb. 22, the day after the special was filmed, Reality Steve tweeted that Kelley was reportedly not invited to filming, adding, "Not sure why Natasha wasn't." Thankfully, she quickly cleared things up. "Please don’t put us in the same boat...," she tweeted, presumably referring to Kelley. "I was invited, I just unfortunately couldn’t make it."

If you follow her on social media, you know that Natasha has stayed extremely busy with her job as an event planner since returning from the show. She even missed watching one of her last episodes because she had to work.

"I didn’t get a chance to watch the show tonight because I was working late," she tweeted on Feb. 6. "From what I hear it was a lot." She works for Everyday Hospitality, according to her LinkedIn, which is a New York City-based restaurant group. Her official title is Brand Marketing Director, and she's in charge of event planning and marketing strategy for three different restaurants in the area. Lately, she's been heavily promoting the group's Italian restaurant called Sauce.

She started the job right before The Bachelor production began and immediately jumped back in after returning home, which is likely why she couldn't make the cross-country flight for WTA. While many of her cast mates dished on their dates with Peter in Los Angeles, she laid low in Manhattan. "Self-care really matters," she wrote on Instagram on Feb. 25. "What have you done for yourself lately?"

Her absence from the WTA set likely had nothing to do with potential tensions between herself and the other girls. She was never really up for the drama on The Bachelor, and she recently shared a different Instagram post featuring two of her co-stars, Lexi Buchanan and Sarah Coffin, both of whom were present during the after-show. "Some people leave home and decide to spread fun where ever they go 💛#fbf#friyay#mybaes," she captioned the post.

Friendly reminder that, yes, Bachelor contestants have real lives to return to after the show, and Natasha is proof of that.