Why Isn't "Pokemon Duel" Working?

The Pokemon Company

Having problems with “Pokemon Duel”? The new game from the Pokemon Company launched this week, but it’s crazy frustrating to discover that everyone’s obsessed with a new game, only to download it and realize that it doesn’t work. If “Pokemon Duel” isn’t working for you, the FOMO is real. Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can try to get the game functioning properly.

“Pokemon Duel” is a strategy game that’s very different from the summer’s smash hit, “Pokemon Go.” Instead of using AR technology to track down Pokemon in your real environment, “Pokemon Duel” works more like a board game and is framed by a self-contained narrative in which players compete to win a skyscraper (yes, really).

If you’ve downloaded “Pokemon Duel” from the App Store, but you can’t get it to work, the first thing to do is check your connection. The game highly recommends that you either have 4G or stay connected to Wi-Fi in order to play, so if you’re using a lesser connection, then that’s probably your issue right there.

Another possible explanation could be an issue with the game rather than your phone. On Tuesday, the first day of the app’s launch, there was a period when servers were down, according to gaming channel WWG. However, everything seems to be working just fine now.

The Pokemon Company

If you can get into the game, but are having problems starting actual duels or performing other functions, check out the game’s “Help” menu. To get there, tap “Menu” in the lower right corner of the home screen (It has a gear icon), and then tap “Help” at the top of the “Options” list. The “Help” screen has info about gameplay, as well as issues like compatibility and data transfer (See below). Tap “Back” in the lower left corner to get back to the home screen.

The Pokemon Company

“Pokemon Duel” can be a little tricky to get started (though the tutorial from Luca certainly helps), but I have faith that with a heart so true, our courage will pull us through! Good luck catching ‘em all, poke-warriors.