James & Raquel’s Adorable Dog Is Actually The Perfect 'Pump Rules' Cast Member

Trae Patton/Bravo

The Vanderpump Rules cast causes more than enough drama all on their own, but in the April 8 episode, it looks like James and Raquel's dog, Graham, is the unintentional pot-stirrer. Apparently, James and Raquel are throwing a "puppy shower" — which is not a thing, but sure. No one wants to come, mostly because James has done something terrible to pretty much everyone on the guest list, but poor, innocent Graham is left without anyone to attend his party. And it's really a shame, because dang, that dog is adorable.

According to his Instagram (yes, his Instagram), Graham was born on March 29, 2018, which makes him just about a year old. His Instagram bio also says he's a mini goldendoodle, as well as a "sock stealer, nose nudger, cookie consumer." And he's also very, very cute — so much so that it's honestly hard to stop looking at pictures of him. This is the Vanderpump content we really want. Can someone get him on that Vanderpump Dogs spinoff please?

In fact, Graham is so adorable that James might actually have a fighting chance at getting back within the good graces of the rest of the SUR group if he starts bringing him around. Like, yeah, he should definitely apologize to everyone first, but if he did so while holding Graham? You'd have to have some serious will power to not fold at least a little bit. Just look at him! He honestly fits in better with the rest of the cast than James himself.

Graham Loves A Beach Day

We've seen the cast of Vanderpump Rules drinking rosé and arguing incessantly on the Pacific shores, and Graham would enjoy both of those things. Well, he would like to be on the beach and chase a ball while everyone else yells, but that counts as a group activity, right?

He Feels At Home At A Bar

You can't be on Vanderpump Rules and not be familiar with rosé and tequila, and Graham seems at home. Yes, this is a bar cart, but only because California's health department rules probably won't allow him behind the bar at SUR.

Graham Is Great At Group Activities

Part of being on Vanderpump Rules means that you have to hang out with people all the time, even if you don't want to. This shot of Graham on a hike shows that he can certainly film in groups and look good doing it. He even smiles for the camera.

Graham Prefers Lounging

Look — we don't see the SURvers doing much of anything. They're not even at SUR all that much. What they are good at is sitting around in their houses talking about nothing. Check out this video of Graham — doesn't it seem like he'd fit right in?

Graham is the cutest little cracker around, and if James brought him around more, this dog could definitely help James smooth things over with the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast.