Fans Think That All The 'RHOBH' Dog Drama Is About A New Bravo Series

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Real Housewives fans have seen loads of drama throughout the years, but the absolute dumbest storyline on a Real Housewives franchise has to be this season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills — the women on the show are fighting over a dog (more on that later), and it has been alleged that all of this infighting over Lucy Lucy Apple Juice is just a set up for another Lisa Vanderpump show. But is Vanderpump Dogs going to be a show, really? It does make all of this drama seemingly more legit.

It’s well known that Lisa and her husband, Ken, are huge animal lovers — they have a veritable menagerie at their Beverly Hills mansion. We’re talking swans, miniature horses, dogs… if we ever need another ark, Lisa and Ken can provide the animals. That’s why when she opened Vanderpump Dogs in West Hollywood, it wasn’t a surprise — it’s a place to adopt a dog, get your dog groomed, etc., and until now, it’s mostly been a vehicle for Vanderpump Rules cast members to be photographed with some sort of canine.

But according to Page Six, a Vanderpump Dogs show might be in development.

An insider told Page Six that the show could just be a one-off special and not a full spinoff like Vanderpump Rules, but nothing has been confirmed at all. It’s just insiders and sources spilling the beans on the Internet so far. The only comment Lisa has made about the project was telling Hollywood Life that it might be “psychic” when asking her about a potential Vanderpump Dogs spinoff. Only time will tell, but if the way this season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is going is any indication, Lisa may want to move onto another show full-time soon, because the women, as Page Six reports, are not happy about being used as props for Lisa's PR.

As per Us Weekly, Lisa Rinna recently posted an Instagram Story alleging that Vanderpump was orchestrating the drama in order to promote her business — Rinna isn't mad that she's doing promo, but that the cast members weren't in on it and weren't being paid for the time they were spending onscreen talking about the shop. Again, this has not been confirmed by anyone and is merely an allegation. But...it sort of makes sense.

The whole crisis this season is the fact that Dorit got a dog — Lucy Lucy Apple Juice — from Vanderpump Dogs, had an issue with it, and gave it to another woman. The woman said she would give it a good home, but dropped it off at a shelter instead. The dog was microchipped, so it made its way back to Vanderpump Dogs, and Lisa was angry that Dorit didn’t just directly return the dog — many businesses like Vanderpump Dogs will take a dog back no questions ask if its not a fit for the family.

Now, there is all sorts of speculation about Lisa actually setting up this drama, according to Page Six, in order to promote a Vanderpump Dogs spinoff and also make Dorit look like a bad guy. Oh, and Teddi, too, because Teddi knew about the drama beforehand.

Frankly, it’s a big mess, and one that fans aren’t loving — even Bethenny Frankel tweeted that the dog storyline didn’t make sense and wasn’t even that entertaining. If one Housewife doesn’t get it, you know it’s bad. For now, we’ll have to wait for confirmation of a full-scale Vanderpump Dogs spinoff, but this Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills story hints that we might be seeing more of Lisa’s pups on Bravo in the future.