Why Hulu's 'Dollface' Is Brenda Song's Dream Job

Brenda Song as Madison in Dollface
Ali Goldstein/Hulu

There are roles and then there are dream roles, and, in an interview with W magazine, Brenda Song said playing Madison on Dollface is the latter. "I will say Dollface is my dream job," Song said. "With this cast, shooting in L.A., and with this character, I've never had a character that felt more me." Madison is a Hollywood publicist on the comedy series, which premieres on Nov. 15 on Hulu. She's also a "b*tch," according to what Song said in her W interview. "But like, the b*tch who's been hurt a lot," she clarified, noting that her character has depth beyond what you first see.

Madison is one of a group of women on Dollface who reconnect after Jules (played by Kat Dennings) gets dumped and decides to work on the friendships she'd previously left behind for her relationship. Song told Refinery29 that she fell in love with the show when she got the script. "It felt like I was reading about me and my girlfriends' misadventures," the actor said. "I've definitely been in Jules' position before, and done the faux pas of leaving my girlfriends behind, living my boyfriend's life, and forgetting my own. It felt so relatable."

She added that she loved the show so much that she was heartsick about the possibility that she might not get the role. "I was like, 'If I don't get this, I am going to be so sad, slash have the most FOMO when the show comes out because I want to watch it.'" (Fortunately, it all worked out.)

Aaron Epstein/Hulu

In an interview with InStyle, Song said that Dollface differs from, say, a Sex and the City, because the show is not about a group of women talking about their love lives. "To me, it feels like this is a point of view that hasn't been explored yet," Song said. "This show is not about girls and their dating lives; it's about their relationships with each other and how they continue to love and accept each other for exactly who they are, regardless of their mistakes."

Those friendships ended up bleeding into real life, with Song telling Refinery29 that she and Dennings are now knitting buddies. "We go yarn shopping together," Song said. "Kat and I look at each other and say, 'Where have you been my entire life?'" She added that she feels close with all of her co-stars now. "It's the first job that I went to every day and just hung out of my girlfriends. If you put Shay [Mitchell], Esther [Povitsky], Kat [Dennings], and me in a group, we'd be like our characters," Song said. "We're playing different versions of ourselves. We’d go and literally have this conversation, they’d call action, and we’d continue it on screen."

With how much fun she's having on and off screen, it's not surprising that Song knows exactly what she wants next for her career. "I'm so open to so many things," she told W magazine. "But I'm really hoping there's a Season 2 of Dollface in that future."