Meet The Brand Behind *That* Insta-Famous 'Eat Spaghetti To Forgetti' Tee

Sassy Spud

In recent months, you may have spotted a certain t-shirt design doing the rounds on Instagram. You know the one that says 'Eat Spaghetti to Forgetti Your Regretti'? Yep, that one. And the great news is that the brand that designs the tees is actually based in Ireland, meaning it's super easy to get your hands on it. They also have some other epic designs that have caught my eye, and have a pretty strong ethos as a brand. So without further adieu, meet Sassy Spud: the vegan apparel brand you're going to fall in love with.

Sassy Spud was created in order to spread awareness of veganism. "We believe clothes are a great billboard to promote veganism and the positive impact a cruelty free lifestyle can have on the planet, the animals and your health," explains the brand. Their tongue-in-cheek, hilarious designs are worn in order to spread the message in a fun, bold way, and they have pretty accessible price points too.

As well as being a full vegan brand (which includes using vegan, eco-friendly inks), all of their pieces are also ethically produced in 100% sweatshop-free environments, and are shipped in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Intrigued? Here are my pick of the best designs from the brand to buy into: