Astrology Has Answers For Why You Might Be A Relationship Person

by Kristine Fellizar
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Everyone knows one person who has no trouble getting into relationships. These are the people who can end a relationship on Thursday and then be in a new one by next Tuesday. If you've been struggling to find someone of quality that sticks, it can make you wonder what makes some people just so lucky in love. According to astrologers, it may be written in their stars.

"Since ancient times, astrologers have primarily looked to the planet Venus and the signs she rules — Taurus and Libra — for guidance on love," astrologer Beth McDonald, tells Bustle. If Venus is favorably placed and favorably aspected in your birth chart, you're considered to be relatively free of negative karmic entanglements and life lessons. According to McDonald, you've figured out the whole "love thing" lifetimes ago, and now you're just reaping the rewards.

To know if a person will have an easier time getting into relationships, astrologers will first look for Venus in someone's chart. Is Venus placed in "Rulership," which is in either of the signs that the planet rules (Taurus and Libra)? If it is, McDonald says that person will have an easier time with love than others.

But if Venus was retrograde at the time you were born, you may spend this lifetime clearing up "messy karma" with other souls. It might be hard work, but it'll be rewarding.

There are other things astrologers will look for in a person's birth chart to see what types of relationships and people they're most likely to attract. According to astrologers, people who have an easier time getting into relationships may have the following things in their birth chart.


A Favorable Aspect Between Venus And Jupiter


If there are favorable aspects between Venus and Jupiter, the planet of luck and grace, it will be much easier for a person to find and keep a high quality long-term relationship. "Ancient astrologers believed there were two planets that ruled the beneficial things in life: love and money, ease and grace. And these were Venus and Jupiter," McDonald says. "Because of that, they are known as the Benefics." If you have just one of these planets positively placed and aspected, you're already good to go. But to have both of them together, it gives you a lot more power.


Venus Is In Your Second Or Seventh House

Having a Venus in a nice aspect to your Sun and Moon aren't the only thigns that can make you lucky in love. As astrologer Clarisse Monahan, tells Bustle, it's also important to look for which house it falls under. "Venus's attitude is influenced by which house it resides in," Monahan says. "If it falls in the second house (having to do with forms of security) or the seventh (both Venus ruled houses), this also marks an auspicious energy when it comes to relationships, love, and bonding."


A Seventh House With A Lot Of Planets And/Or Your Sun


Your seventh house rules relationships. If you have a lot of seventh house planets, you're more likely to enter relationships and stay in them in order to make them work. If your Sun is in the seventh house, you may prioritize and value your relationships more than anything else in your life.

"These people tend to feel a bit lost without these interactions and also to idolize the ones they are in," Monahan says. "It is in partnerships that these people feel most alive, and where they can expand and shine." You can't help but seek out relationships and interactions with other people because it helps you gain clarity about yourself. In comparison, those with lots of planets in their first house, which represents the self, would be more focused on their own development. According to Monahan, this is where they have the greatest opportunity to grow.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of different things that can make someone lucky in love. For instance, being very open to new people and opportunities can greatly increase your chances of finding a good partner. Everyone, regardless of sign, can go out there and make their own luck.

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