There's An Astrological Reason You Fall In Love So Quickly

by Kristine Fellizar
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Some people are a little more guarded and take a while to emotionally attach, while others can fall in love in an instant. While there's nothing wrong with falling hard and fast, it can lead to situations where you're giving your all to someone who's just not on the same page. So if you've ever wondered why you always fall in love so quickly, the answer may be in your birth chart.

For one, your Sun sign, which is your typical zodiac sign, can say a lot about how long it takes for you to fall in love. As astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle, there are three zodiac signs in particular that fall easily.

"Libra Sun signs love love," Lang says. "They fall in love quickly because they're relationship-oriented. They see the beauty in others, and can sometimes overlook some of the red flags of a relationship as a result." However, staying committed after the honeymoon period has ended can be a challenge for them. After the new relationship energy has faded, they'll start to notice things they don't exactly like about their new partner and will have to convince themselves to stay.

Pisces, which is ruled by the "dreamy planet of wonder," Neptune, is another sign that falls in love too quickly. According to Lang, they tend to see the potential of a person or a relationship, and it’s easy for them to fall in love with a fantasy. "This can lead them to fall fast, as they may dream about the future they could create," she says.

Finally, there's Aries. They're fire signs ruled by Mars, so they're driven by passion and desire. When they feel an attraction, they will pursue. The problem is, some Aries will be more in love with the chase than the actual person they're "falling" for. According to Lang, if it’s the former, they can burn out and become restless within the relationship.

Your Sun sign isn't the only thing that determines if you're someone who falls in love fast or not. Here are some other reasons why you have a tendency to fall fast, according to astrology.


There's An Aspect Relationship Between Venus And Neptune In Your Natal Chart


If you were born with a Venus-Neptune aspect in your chart, you're likely to fall in love fast regardless of your Sun sign. As Leslie Hale, an astrologer with, tells Bustls, Venus is the planet of love and beauty, while Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, and confusion.

"This isn't all bad, in that Venus-Neptune transits can indicate creativity, spirituality, artistic pursuits, compassion, and likability," Hale says. People with Venus-Neptune aspects can be considered true romantics. How much of a romantic you are and how you behave in relationship situations depends on how your Venus and Neptune relate to each other. For instance, some people will have a fairytale-like fantasy for what their ideal partner and relationship should be like and will always leave when that's not happening in reality. Others will fall hard and stay in relationships with bad partners because they feel like they can "save" them.


You Have A Venus In Hard Aspect To Pluto

In a natal chart, when Venus is in hard aspect to Pluto (conjunct, square, or opposite), a person can fall in love fast or develop a crush that feels a little obsessive. "This is the person who likes to go deep in relationships," Lang says. "They don’t want surface stuff. So, they fall deep and fast, especially if the other person is emotionally available." It's all about the intense, passionate, soulmate-type of connections for them.

Those with a Venus-Pluto relationship in their chart can benefit from taking their time to actually get to know someone. Just because you feel a strong pull to someone, it doesn't mean they have the same values as you. According to Lang, it's important to maintain balance and keep your center when you first fall in love. So, hanging out with friends, taking up a new hobby, or scheduling some time for yourself can help keep you in check.


There Are Strong Connections In Your Chart And Your Partner's Chart


The planet Venus rules love, while Mars rules sex. When two people are instantly attracted to each other, Skye Alexander, astrologer and author of Magickal Astrology, tells Bustle, one person's Venus and/or Mars will make a strong connection with the other person's Venus and/or Mars. Uranus contacts can also be a factor in sexual attraction as the planet's energy can spark passion in unexpected ways. "If Neptune gets into the mix, fantasy plays a role in the interaction, causing the people involved to become infatuated before they know much about one another," Alexander says. A synastry reading, which compares two natal charts, can reveal what types of connections you have with another person.

You can't help how fast you fall in love, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with being open to love. If you're someone who falls quickly, it may be written in your chart. The most important thing here is to recognize that this is something you do. Once you realize it, you can make a conscious effort to take a step back, slow it down, and enjoy the process of getting to know someone.

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