Why 'Teen Wolf’s Final Season Was Inspired By The Election


And just like that, another beloved television show is coming rapidly to an end: There are only ten episodes left of MTV's Teen Wolf, and soon fans will be mourning the loss of their favorite lycanthrope characters. Creator and writer of the show, Jeff Davis, said the final season will take on a fairly somber tone, because Teen Wolf's final season was inspired by the election. Yep — this show about teenage werewolves, which is rooted in fiction, drew inspiration from Trump's rise to presidential power in its final episodes. "As the election was happening the country was becoming more and more fearful of the outsiders," Davis says during roundtable interviews at San Diego Comic-Con.

"[The] season is about fear. Scott and his friends become pariahs again in Beacon Hills. It’s an analogy for the current goings on: being an outsider, feeling left out, feeling as though the world is against you. It’s the rise of new hunters. It’s about a creature that preys upon fear," he says.

Though he doesn't give fans a whole lot to go off of, it is clear that things will take a darker (if that's even possible) tone for the final episodes. The creator also admits that he never thought the show would still be on the air in 2017.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"I thought the show was over at Season 5... that was meant to be a series finale in a way," he says. "I thought five seasons would be an amazing run, but 100 episodes? I’m shocked I survived it. I put my heart and soul into those episodes."

But even after 100 episodes, Davis teases that not every question fans have will be answered. "It's hard to do a show that has this much mythology that doesn’t leave questions," the 42-year-old says. "There will always be lingering questions."

Yet this doesn't mean the ending won't be satisfying for fans who have sat through season after season of high-stakes television. "The characters come full circle. The last episode — the final scene — was something I'd been thinking about for a while. When I watched our first cut of it, it felt right... hopefully it feels right to the fans."

Though fans will undoubtably be left with questions surrounding Scott and the rest of the gang, the idea of a reboot isn't necessarily out of the question. MTV, for one, likes the idea. But Davis might be a harder person to convince: "I’m still so close to it that the idea of a reboot sounds like a lot of work right now," he begins, "but there are lingering threads in the last season you could easily revisit."

It seems a bit premature to talk reboots when the final episodes have not yet hit our television sets, but ravenous fans will likely be hungry for more blood-drenched television sooner than later.