Why Weekday Sex Is Underrated

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Some people find it really difficult to make time for sex. And I get it, life gets busy. If you work a lot or, even worse, you're on different work and sleep schedules, sometimes you just don't overlap as much as you'd like. Then you add in a social life, hobbies, other commitments, and suddenly sex can easily drop down the priority list, without either of you noticing.

"Sex is often seen as something we outgrow or can easily go without, but sexuality and intimacy are an expression of our life force, creativity and love, and must be expressed to be fully realized as a people," Lauren Brim, a sexual wellness coach and author of The New Rules of Sex tells Bustle. "If our sexuality isn't being expressed, it will show up as problems in other areas of our body and life. Plus, sex is just too damn good for you to live your life without it!"

That's where weekday sex comes in. Because those are the days that we're more likely to let it slide— and weekday sex is totally underrated. It's the perfect pick me up for those boring mid-week days and, most importantly, it keeps you connected to your partner.

Here's why you should embracing morning sex:

Morning Sex Starts Off Your Day Right

Mornings can feel like a slog, especially a Monday or Tuesday morning, so why not get all the mood-boosting benefits of sex and orgasms to start your day off with a bang?

"Start setting the alarm a bit earlier and cuddle and caress each other and make love," relationship coach and psychic medium Cindi Sansone-Braff, author of Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships, tells Bustle. "It starts the day on a high note, and reinforces to the two of you that your relationship is the most important thing in your lives." Plus, you'll leave the house with a bounce in your step.

Because It's Worth Making Time For

Sure, you might have to get up a little earlier or go to bed a little later. But it doesn't have to take up that much time— quickies can be a great way to fit in a little weekday sex. I know you might not always think it's realistic, but you'll soon find it's worth taking time for. One great way to make sure you're fitting it in is to share the responsibility of initiating.

“One exercise I give to couples is taking turns initiating sex once a week,” Dr. Dawn Michael, M.A. PhD ACS CSC, tells Bustle. “Flip a coin and see who goes first and if it is your turn to initiate sex, plan the time, get the room ready, and set the mood. Make it fun and pleasurable.Then the next time the other person takes the lead.” Even if you only have sex one extra weekday a week, it's enough to keep your sex life going strong. It'll be worth losing that 20 minutes of sleep a week, trust me.

You'll Never Be In A Rut

The problem with skipping out on weekday sex is that it's a huge part of the week, so you can soon get out of the habit of having sex generally. It can turn into you not having sex on the weekends as much either... and before you know it you're in a sex rut that neither of you are addressing.

“A relationship is like a bicycle, when one of the wheels is flat, it will still go, but not well," Eric Marlowe Garrison, sex and relationship counselor, and author of the book Mastering Multiple Position Sex tells Bustle. "Even if only one partner is in that sex rut, it's going to affect the relationship sexually. When you need something that your partner doesn’t need, it's difficult to understand why they don't need it.” So make sure you're touching base with your partner about whether they're happy with the amount of sex your having— and keep up the weekday sex, even if it's only one day a week, to avoid a rut.

Sure, being able to have a lazy Sunday morning sex session is great, but that doesn't mean you should only have sex when you have a spare couple of hours. Fitting it in sex during the week keeps your sex life active and gives you a mid-week pick me up. Plus, there's no better way to start your day.