This Suit Has A Hidden Feminist Message To Give You Confidence During Your Next Big Meeting

The term "power suit" gets thrown around a lot, but there's never been one quite like this. Wildfang created a Wild Feminist Suit that will bring a little girl power to the workplace. The suit looks like your traditional grid print from far away, but, as you move closer, spells out "wild feminist." Get ready, because this charitable fashion item will become your new staple.

If there's any brand that knows about girl power, it's Wildfang. The brand created the now-iconic Wild Feminist Shirt in 2016 and is now building on it with the Wild Feminist Suit. The jacket and pant set has the brand's battle cry on it over and over.

The words "wild feminist" make up a grid pattern, so you can have a little style plus some. Anyone can put on a suit, but you're going to feel like a superhero when you slip this one on.

"Look twice! Our Wild Feminist suit offers a deeper meaning to those that take a closer look," Wildfang creative director Taralyn Thuot tells Bustle. "This classic and wearable windowpane print is actually made up of tiny repeated WILD FEMINIST graphics. 'Cause there are days where you want to look polished and professional while you're smashing the patriarchy."

The Wild Feminist Blazer, $168, Wildfang

The Wild Feminist Suit is here just in time for International Women's Day. You can shop all three pieces right now on the Wildfang website. Unfortunately, you'll have to buy the pants, blazer, and shirt separately. The pieces range from $40 to the shirt to $168 for the blazer. The pants will set you back $98.

While the outfit might be pricey, you don't need every single piece to make a statement. You can either wear the blazer of shirt with a pair of jeans or the pants with the brand's classic black and white Wild Feminist Shirt. There's also a Wild Feminist graphic printed shirt that says the slogan over and over. Basically, there are enough options for you to spread a little girl power every day of the week.

A proceed of all of the Protest Collection purchases goes towards the Malala Fund, which works in regions where the most girls miss out on secondary education.

"Malala Fund champions every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education," it says on the website. "We believe girls are the best investment in the future peace and prosperity of our world."

The Wild Feminist Blazer, $168, Wildfang

This is only the beginning of girl power clothing that Wildfang has to offer. On top of all of the Wild Feminist gear, there's shirts that say "come as you are" and "she saw, she came, she f*cked shit up." There's even a girl gang tee that reads, "Roosevelt & Ruth & Rosa & Truth."

Wildfang just created three items in honor of the upcoming marches too. There's a bomber jacket covered in patches inspired by the 60s. The patches say things like, "79 cents is 100 percent crap" and "honk for choice." They even have shirt that looks like it has buttons all over it that read some of the same slogans. It's perfect for your next protest.

If you need some accessories to go with it, you can always opt for the Self Defense Cat Keychain that goes on your keys and doubles as a weapon if needed. Bottom line: this brand will inspire you to speak your mind and spread a little feminism wherever you go.

The Wild Feminist Blazer, $168, Wildfang

The collections will be available all throughout spring, so you have some time to shop. You'll definitely want to stock up on these items before your next protest though.