A Body Language Expert Analysed Alex & Alex's First Kiss & Yikes, It's Not Ideal


Dr. Alex George hasn't been the luckiest contestant on Love Island — but fans think change could be on the horizon following the arrival of new girl Alexandra Cane. On Friday, she sacrificed Idris Virgo and Kieran Nicholls' places on the show to couple up with Dr. Alex. To celebrate their new relationship status, the pair then enjoyed a rather lengthy smooch. But was Alex and Alexandra's Love Island kiss the real deal? Or is their nascent relationship doomed to fizzle out? I spoke to a body language expert to find out.

But first, let's take a look back at Alex's romantic history in the villa. After forming a platonic relationship with the sorely missed Samira Mighty, his first romantic relationship with Ellie Brown came to an abrupt end when she realised she didn't have feelings for him (and Alex proceeded to kick off about it). A brief flirtation with Charlie Williams then ended almost as soon as it started when Alex decided he preferred Grace Wardle, only for that relationship to dissolve as well. But then, Alexandra entered the villa.

Alex and Alexandra's relationship didn't exactly begin in the most organic of ways — after all, coupling up with her was the only way for Alex, Idris, or Kieran to stay in the villa. Plus, all three vied to impress her during the sexy fireman challenge, a stage typically skipped by most fledgling couples. But after their first night sharing a bed, Alex boasted to the boys that he was now a member of the Do Bits Society. To be fair, Alexandra seemed pretty excited about it all too, telling her fellow islanders "he’s so affectionate and you can just tell that he’s such a sweetheart," as Metro reports.


But back to that first kiss — could that tell us something about the bond between the pair? According to Elizabeth Lindsay Kuhnke, author of Body Language: Learn How to Read Others and Communicate with Confidence, it says quite a lot. Analysing the moment Alexandra announces her choice, Kuhnke tells me: "The body language between Alex and Alexandra seems stilted and distant rather than passionate and overjoyed." Right. Oh dear.

Kuhnke continues:

"Alex is looking down and away while she is speaking and when she states her choice, neither he nor she smile with joy; rather, both let out sighs, as their bodies and faces reveal nothing in the way of euphoria. Even Alex’s raised arms and hands to face — usually a sign of exuberance — seem to be a gesture of defeat."

Things don't get better once the decision's made, Kuhnke says. "When Alex embraces Alexandra, he first holds her at a slight distance at her waist before pulling her into him. When they sit on the couch, neither looks happy, and despite his attempt to pull her close, she doesn’t look at him, staring instead straight in front of her and breathing nervously," she tells me.


Kuhnke also notes that Alexandra "seems to be on the verge of tears of despair rather than excitement and jubilation" — not quite the reaction of a delighted lovebird, then. She adds: "Even as they walk away holding hands, one notices a lack of warmth and sexual tension. They stand apart, their bodies not touching. They both appear to be consoling one another rather than exhibiting pleasure."

Still, it's important to keep in mind the context — Alex was consoling Alexandra, who seemed genuinely upset to be sending Idris and Kieran home. And if their first night's anything to go by, the pair could develop some real chemistry yet. Let's not drop the curtain on Alexandra and Alex's relationship just yet, then — there's still a chance that Dr. Alex has finally found love.