Alice & Margot Join Forces On 'The Catch'

by Caitlin Flynn
Nicole Wilder/ABC

There are still plenty of trust issues in Alice and Ben's relationship because, you know, that tends to come with the territory when one partner lies to the other about their identity for a full year. Alice safely has ammo for every argument they have for the rest of their lives, but meanwhile she's got a secret of her own — Alice and Margot joined forces on The Catch and it was such a successful collaboration that I really hope showrunners find a reason to put these two together onscreen again STAT.

When Margot approached Alice for help after an assassination attempt in the Season 2 premiere, she was greeted with understandable hostility. But, she has a million dollars to spare and AVI needs money and clients — and, more importantly, Alice loves the idea of having Margot under constant surveillance. As the team places her in lockdown mode in her hotel, Alice happily tells Margot that she's enjoying this even more than she thought she would. (She still can't be with her fiancé, but at least she can have this satisfaction, right?)

So, unbeknownst to Ben, Alice is spending her days with his former boss/spurned lover — and they're even chatting about him. Val incredulously asks Alice, "so you're fighting with Ben, but you and Margot are fine?" and the answer is yes — but stranger things have happened on this show, right?

Nicole Wilder/ABC

With remarkable speed, Alice and Margot figure out that the person hunting down Margot is a "freelance assassin" (apparently that's a thing) known only as "The Hammer." He's totally untraceable because he manufactures his own weapons and bullets and no one has ever seen him before, but AVI and Margot successfully lure him out into the open. Alice captures him and, as she leaves Margot alone with her would-be assassin, she has just one request: "Don't kill him."

But Margot has no such intentions — she does what any reasonable person would do and hires "the Hammer" because when it comes to the phrase "keep your friends close and your enemies closer," Margot really doesn't mess around. I can't wait to see what she has in mind as her next move, because I'm sure it'll shake things up — but I had hoped we'd get to see more teamwork from Alice and Margot before this got resolved. They're sworn enemies, but they also know all each other's secrets — so it makes for an intriguing onscreen dynamic.

This particular business transaction may be complete, but I'm sure another killer will be after Margot in no time — so something tells me this isn't the first time she and Alice will collaborate behind Ben's back.