Will Andre Kill Lucious On 'Empire'? His Anger Is Getting The Best Of Him

Chuck Hodes/FOX

Things are really taking a turn with Andre on Empire, huh? He started out as Macbeth (with Rhonda as his Lady), admitted he had a bipolar disorder, found religion, lost his baby, lost religion, and then started to morph into his father. Will Andre kill Lucious on Empire? His anger seems to be getting the best of him, and I’m afraid as to what he does next.

From the beginning of Season 3, Andre has had it out for his father. It has a lot to do with the death of his wife and his baby. After those losses, Andre just deteriorated. He’s enlisted Shine to help take Lucious down, and at the start, he had this cool, calm, calculated way about him. Andre is the business head of the Lyon family, so I guess I always assumed that his elimination of his father would be more… nuanced? A little less mafia shakedown and a little more behind-the-scenes? This is all falling apart. Andre is swinging his plans around, hoping that people will see how big they are. But what he’s truly in danger of is Lucious finding out. Andre is already getting sloppy — Lucious has already taken Andre and his girlfriend, Nessa, off of the plans for Empire Enterprise’s Las Vegas club. Since that club was key to Andre’s planning, I’m seeing this as a problem.

The issue is that the angrier that Andre gets, the less tact he seems to have. In the last few episodes of Season 3, Andre has assaulted Anika, yelled at Nessa, facilitated the beating of Angelo Dubois, and embarrassed himself in front of a mob associate of Giuliana’s. Oh, and he threatened Shine, which is never a good look, because Shine is super scary and will definitely come for you. Cookie told Andre to get his meds right, but I’m not sure that this is Andre not on his medications. This is Andre high on hating his father, and audiences will just have to sit back and watch their relationship implode (as well as everything else around Empire Enterprises).