Ben Aldridge Probs Won't Make A Return On 'Our Girl' But The Reason Why Is Legit Fab

by Lollie King
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Safe to say the series finale of Our Girl left fans reeling. The huge cliff-hanger at the end of series four prompted fans to question whether or not the military drama would be back for another series five. Following a string of hook-ups, break-ups, and of course a few untimely deaths Ben Aldridge who plays Captain Charles James, has quickly become the breakout star of the series. But will Ben Aldridge be in Our Girl if it returns?

Sadly it doesn't look like he'll be returning, well at least any time soon. If you needed a little season four recap, here goes. The Captain's marriage to Molly Dawes (the first season protagonist played by Lacey Turner) is over which leads to a pretty steamy scene between Georgie (Michelle Keegan) and Captain Charles as they both realise their feelings for each other. Heartwarming.

We'll try and forget that Georgie is Captain James' dead best friend Elvis' (Luke Pasqualino) ex-fiancé. Minor details, nothing should thwart the course of true love between Georgie and Captain James, right? Well love was truly in the air at the end of the season as Rab and Maisie also got together following a long will they/won't they storyline which ended up with a proposal too. But in true Our Girl form, the series finale was not all about the romances, it ended with a pretty big shock, as 2 Section were forced to jump off a cliff (hanger) while trying to escape a cartel.

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Being left in this kind of suspense is just not fair on us fans, we need answers, like did they survive, will Georgie and Captain James stay together? A BBC spokesperson told The Sun that a new series could be on the cards, “Our Girl has performed consistently well over the summer and is still being watched by a big audience on BBC iPlayer. We are in discussions about future Our Girl series." But there have been no major announcements about a new season, and if there is going to be one, it's unfortunately looking pretty unlikely that Ben Aldridge will come back as Captain James. I have contacted a representative of the actor for comment and will update you as soon as I hear back.

He did, however, tell The Metro "I’m not sure where they stand with Our Girl at the moment. I know there were rumblings of it doing another series. I don’t think I could be a part of that." Come on Ben, what will happen to Captain James sand Georgie's relationship if you don't come back!

Aldridge continued, "I’m doing another job which would make pretty much unavailable for next year, depending on when Our Girl films. But I’m not sure I’d be available to be used. I was never in contract to do another one, none of us were, so I guess it’d be basically who they could get back and, when they decide to do it, who’s available kind of thing." It's not all bad news though, the reason Aldridge would be unavailable is because he's been cast in a major role in the new series Pennyworth. Pennyworth, will revolve around the character Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's legendary butler and the series will serve as a prequel to Batman. Aldridge will star as Thomas Wayne Batman's father.

It doesn't have a UK channel just yet but it's thought that it will air later in the year on Netflix. Thank goodness he won't be off our screens for too long.