Bad News British Beyoncé Stans, You Could Be Waiting A While For Another UK Tour

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a big Beyonce fan, you may have noticed that the star has been noticeably absent from the music-sphere as of late, last releasing an album in 2016 and steering clear of events such as the recent Grammy Awards. Queen Bey is of course a busy lady; having recently welcomed twins into the world and completed a worldwide tour. But can we expect anything new from the star in 2019, perhaps some new music? Or is it possible that Beyonce will tour the UK in 2019? Let's take a look...

I contacted Beyonce's UK reps to find out more but as haven't heard back at the time of writing, I'm don't feel super confident that there's good news to bring to the Bey fandom. Some online research also suggests there is nothing in the calendar just yet in terms of touring in the UK. No one has really reported on a new upcoming tour, Bey's social media accounts make no suggestion of it, and her website and other ticket sites don't give any indication either. Sob.

I'll be honest though: it wouldn't shock me in the slightest if all of a sudden Beyonce announced a surprise tour, Lemonade-style. Remember back in 2016 when she dropped her full album without any promotion or indication beforehand? That's Bey's style, and using that as a mould for announcing tour dates could be a possibility. You can also sign up here to be the first to know about any new tour announcements, so fear not, you'll be in the loop.

I guess the big problem is that if she were to go on tour, it wouldn't really make sense right now as her last album was released in 2016. An instant hit, Lemonade featured bangers such as Formation, Lemonade and Freedom, featuring Kendrick Lamar. There have been no new albums since this one, although there have been rumours recently (these were quickly debunked however, and thought to be a hoax).

There were also rumours that the star could soon be releasing a new album via Netflix, whom she had apparently been in talks with. It's hard to verify this though, so for now it doesn't seem like solid evidence of anything significant.

While it seems like bad news, you just know that when Bey does choose to release new music, it will 100% be worth the wait. We can also revel in her previous tours for now, enjoying all that they had to offer.

The last solo tour she did was for her Lemonade album, and was named 'The Formation World Tour'. I was lucky enough to go see one of her London shows, and seriously, the lady knows how to entertain.

Her most recent tour was alongside husband Jay-Z. The On The Run II tour began in June 2018, and saw the duo tour cities such as Cardiff and Manchester. The set list featured top hits from both Bey and Jay-Z, and the outfits, lights and set were all as predicted, totally amazing. There was even a 26 person orchestra. Um, what?

Hang in there Beyonce fandom, new music and shows must be coming soon, right?!