Bryan Shouldn’t Expect Rachel To Move To Him After ‘The Bach’

Rodrigo Varela/ABC

Rachel and Bryan are officially, publicly engaged, and because Bachelor Nation already operates on an accelerated timeline, it's time to dive right in with the hard questions. For example, what's the next step for their relationship? Will Bryan move to Dallas for Rachel, or will she pack up and head to his hometown of Miami?

Rachel told USA Today in a recent interview that she's hoping to walk down the aisle "sooner rather than later," but that who will move where is still up in the air. During her season, the Dallas-based lawyer made clear she was open to the idea of moving, but understandably, it's still a big conversation to have before taking the plunge. Rachel has a solid career and a tight-knit family in Texas, as does Bryan in Miami, so it will take some compromise on both ends to settle on a shared city.

Rachel seemed to like Miami when she visited Bryan there, but told USA Today that Bryan will also be spending time in Dallas to pick up her dog, Copper (who notably made an appearance on the show), so there's a chance he'll end up loving it there, too. Hell, maybe they'll even follow suit with their fellow Bachelor Nation alums and end up in Nashville, or take a nod from Nick and Vanessa and start fresh in Los Angeles (admittedly unlikely, but hey, you never know).

Rodrigo Varela/ABC

Wherever they land, it seems like Rachel and Bryan are still going strong, and for now, they're just happy to be able to stop sneaking around. As with many post-Bachelor/Bachelorette couples, the first thing she's excited about is the small things: Posting to social media, getting dinner, and all those other everyday things you don't get to do when you're trying to hide your relationship from the entire country.

"We are so ready to be normal and be as normal as we can be," she told USA Today in the same interview. Besides, now that the cat is out of the bag, some firmer details should be soon to follow. And, whatever they choose, hopefully it's a joint decision. These kind of compromises need to be reached by both parties.