Bryan's Post-'Bachelorette' Life Seems Busy

While Bachelor Nation not so patiently waits to see who Rachel will pick in The Bachelorette finale, in reality, Rachel and the men of the show have all gotten back to their normal lives. (Well, as normal as your life can be after you've been on an insanely popular reality show.) It's just that one of them is now engaged to the Bachelorette. Fans are particularly curious about what The Bachelorette's Bryan is doing now. As the front-runner of the final three, Bryan's private life is under scrutiny as viewers look for a sign that he is the man that will win Rachel's heart.

Astrid Loch, Rachel's friend from the Nick Viall season of The Bachelor, revealed her pal is planning two engagement parties: one in Dallas, and one in Miami. Since Miami is where Bryan's family resides, it seems likely that he's this season's winner. There are definitely other reasons one of the engagement parties could be held in Florida, but many fans are taking this news as a sign that Bryan and Rachel are currently together.

Since both parties are sworn to secrecy, there's no way Bryan is going to let such major news get out. Instead, he seems to be focusing on getting back to his normal life. A quick look at his most recent Instagram posts reveals he's busy advertising his chiropractor business, hanging out with a dog that bares a striking resemblance to Rachel's fur baby Copper, spending time at sporting events with his friends, and hitting the gym.

Bryan's biggest commitment still appears to be to his family though, with lots of posts featuring his family members. Since The Bachelorette isn't his first foray into reality television (he previously appeared in The Player), Bryan is no stranger to balancing celebrity with his day-to-day commitments. The fact that he's continuing to pursue his passions, while also focusing on work and family goes a long way toward explaining why Rachel seems to like this dependable guy so much.

There's not much flash to Bryan, but his sense of stability is attractive. This is a guy whose life appears to be full of fun, family, and friends. Whether or not he and Rachel end up together, his post-Bachelorette life definitely looks like it's happy and fulfilling so far — and that says more about this contestant's personality than his time on the show ever could.