Will Camille Grammer Return To ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’? The Former Star Seems Open To Coming Back

Raise your psychic-approved e-cigs, for we may have a reason to celebrate: It sounds like a certain Beverly Hills Housewife-turned-Friend of the Housewives isn’t totally opposed to coming back to the show full-time. As People reported on Sunday, Season 1 and 2 star Camille Grammer hasn’t ruled out returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills entirely. At the Family Equality Council’s 2017 Impact Awards on Saturday, Grammer told reporters that she’s “been toying” with the idea of coming back to RHOBH for “the last three years.”

"Toying," you say? Don’t toy with my heart, Cam.

“I’ve been asked,” Grammer continued. “Maybe next year, we’ll see. You know, after the reunion and after this season, and after casting, we’ll see how they feel about it. We’ll be back and we can all discuss it.”

She's been asked. Wow. This could really happen. Grammer could really come back. Grammer's Friend of the Housewives days could be behind her. A thing of the past. I am beside myself.

Understandably, Camille — whose split from ex-husband Kelsey Grammer was featured during her time on the series — has some concerns about diving back into the fray. She continued,

Live your truth, Cam. This probably won't surprise anybody, but I for one hope your truth involves being part of the RHOBH main roster again.

Given that she’s a Friend of the Housewives now, I guess she really hasn’t gone that far away... but dang if I haven’t missed Grammer as a main Housewife. After all, she made The Dinner Party From Hell happen. She introduced me to the word “pernicious.” She’s Kyle Richards’ dance partner. She coined the phrase “the morally corrupt Faye Resnick.” She gave the series so much.

The more Grammer on RHOBH, the better.