Cersei Has A Plan To Defeat Dany's Dragons On 'GoT'

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

While Jon Snow wants to use Daenerys' dragons to fight the White Walkers, leave it to Cersei to want to kill these powerful beasts just when they could be busy saving humankind. With Qyburn planting the seed in Cersei's mind that she can defeat Daenerys' dragons on Game Of Thrones, it's time to be truly concerned for Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. Although Dany's three fire-breathing children typically know how to take care of themselves, Cersei and Qyburn have proven to be a lethal combination before, so how does Cersei plan to kill Dany's dragons? Using Qyburn's experimental weapons, the Queen of Westeros taking down a dragon or two in Season 7 seems dangerously feasible.

As Qyburn noted during the July 23 episode, "Stormborn," the Targaryens had dragons before — like Aegon I's dragon Balerion the Dread — and while they are powerful, they are "not invincible." So he has been working on a plan to defeat them. Although viewers might have expected his weapon to involve wildfire since Qyburn and Cersei had much success with it when they used it to blow up the Great Sept of Baelor, fans of the A Song Of Ice And Fire books are divided on whether or not wildfire could kill a dragon, as forums indicate. (After all, fire is sort of their thing.) So instead, Qyburn used the intel that Dany's dragons had been injured by spears in Meereen to create a giant standing crossbow — a ballista — capable of puncturing a dragon's skull. The result is terrifying.


In the most recently released A Song Of Ice And Fire book, A Dance With Dragons, Tyrion notes that the best way to kill a dragon would be to shoot it in the eyes as that would damage the dragon's brain. He thinks about how it's unwise to aim for a dragon's back or underbelly and even more foolish to try to put a spear in a dragon's throat since it would just light it on fire. While the TV show doesn't always follow the books exactly, Tyrion's words in A Dance With Dragons seem to be foreshadowing how Cersei intends to kill Dany's dragons on Game Of Thrones since when she used the ballista in "Stormborn," the massive spear landed right in Balerion's eye socket.


While hitting a flying dragon in the eye seems like it would be a million dollar shot, Qyburn's crossbow has been tested on the skulls of dragons and is able to penetrate the bones. So even if the shooter didn't hit the eye exactly, Cersei's latest weapon may still work to hurt the dragon regardless, which is bad news for Drogon fans.

While Cersei seems pretty satisfied with Qyburn's latest creation, there may be another way that she could kill Dany's dragons — book spoilers follow. Considering that the ballista doesn't seem like it would be easy to reload (although Qyburn will probably build more), Cersei would be interested to know the fan theory that Euron Greyjoy will give her a dragon horn. Dragon horns are said to be able to control dragons and although this hasn't come up in the TV series yet, Euron already has a dragon horn named Dragonbinder in the George R. R. Martin books. So along with her crossbow, a dragon horn could potentially be another way for Cersei to try to defeat Dany's dragons.

Although they are brutal, untamable beasts, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are Dany's children and their deaths would hit her (and fans) hard. But Cersei killing the dragons wouldn't just be bad news for Daenerys, it could be bad news for all of the humans in Westeros if the White Walkers keep approaching. Unfortunately, Cersei's all-consuming desire for power means she'll stop at nothing — including killing dragons — to maintain the Iron Throne and with her new weapon, a dragon death in Season 7 feels like a very real possibility.