Christmas' 'Big Brother' Injury Will Take A Long Time To Heal

Monty Brinton/CBS

Christmas' injury left the entire Big Brother house shaken up. Despite the serious nature of the injury, hopes were high when she left to get surgery on her foot. It seemed that Christmas would need a few weeks to heal, but that she may be able to compete again before the end of the summer. Christmas' foot healing affects Big Brother and how much or little she'll be able to participate, but the stakes extend far beyond the show. Christmas' entire career as a self-made fitness superstar is at risk.

Unfortunately, Christmas revealed in the July 16 episode that the consequences of her injury are worse than she expected, and that healing her foot will be no easy process. In fact, her foot may never be able to truly be back to normal and her life may never be the same. Christmas' surgery visit taking longer than expected was a clear sign that things had not gone according to plan, but no one expected a simple backyard tumble to have life-changing consequences.

According to her doctors, Christmas will have at least six more weeks in a cast. At that point they'll have to re-evaluate how much longer a cast will be necessary, and it will take over a year for her to fully recover. Even when the cast is off, however, Christmas will not be able to get full mobility back.

Christmas also revealed that in conjunction with the damaged foot, her injury will lead to Arthritis sometime within the next 1-5 years. It's a devastating injury, but it's well within Christmas' ability to overcome. She's proved herself to be an exceptionally strong woman, not just in her physical strength but in her intelligence and her spirit. Her injury is a devastating example of the reality of how a life can be affected by an accident. Her whole career and life will have to adjust because of her injured foot, but Christmas is stronger than any injury.