'BB19' Star Cody Is Ready To Make Jessica His Girlfriend


He's a man of few words, but when he does talk — it's mostly to his showmance partner. And, it appears that Cody wants to date Jessica after Big Brother 19, because he asked her to be his girlfriend on his way out of the house on Thursday. He was evicted in a pretty unsurprising eviction ceremony, but it's no skin off his back because Cody wound up meeting the girl of his dreams — even if he didn't win the game.

Of course, he does still have a chance to re-enter the house thanks to the Battle Back competition next week. That could give him a opportunity to get back into the game and further his relationship with Jessica (whose answer to his girlfriend question is unknown, btw. Either she didn't say anything back or her mic didn't pick it up). When Julie Chen followed up with Cody about his plans for out-of-the-house romance with Jessica, Cody stated that he "absolutely" had intentions to date her after the game.

If he doesn't win the Battle Back, he better hope Jessica gets sent home before jury, though, or it will be a long time before he gets to see her again — and a lot could change. But, for Cody, ever the champion of loyalty (and not making "victim noises"), it wouldn't surprise me if he did wait for Jessica to get out of jury to date her. They clicked pretty much immediately and stayed strong throughout the first couple of weeks of the game. Will they make it outside the house? That's anyone's guess. But, if Cody has anything to say about it, he's sure willing to try.