Will Coldplay Tour In 2020? The Band Could Be Back On The Road Soon

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Coldplay are one of the biggest selling bands to come out of the UK in the last 20 years. Headed up by frontman Chris Martin, the band have gone from strength to actual strength. Feats including multiple awards, playing huge events, creating hugely successful albums and touring the world. Thing is though, it's the last string on their bow that people are slightly concerned about because guys, it's been a minute. So will Coldplay tour in 2020?

I contacted a representative of the band for comment and will keep you updated. However, according to their website, nothing is scheduled at this point. Which is sure to be a bit of a bummer for hardcore fans who haven't had the opportunity to see the band live over the years. Those who have had that opportunity will know that Coldplay put on a seriously good show.

They are known for giving ticket holders major value for their money and really throwing everything they have into their on stage performance. Martin especially is basically like, running around the whole way through every show. It looks knackering. Yet they manage to do these multi arena tours. Well, they are probably flipping knackered after all these years recording and touring.

There has, however, been some talk of new music with their friend and director of their film Head Full Of Dreams, Mat Whitecross, telling NME that the band are working on a "surprising" new album in 2019. And for musicians, a new album usually means a new tour, so keep your eyes peeled Coldplay stans. He also said news from the band had been thin on the ground because they were taking a year's holiday for the first time ever. I mean, talk about a work ethic.

But how did Coldplay first come to be? Back in the late '90s Chris Martin, Jerry Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion got together and formed a band. After considering multiple different names, the guys settled on Coldplay. The band hit the ground running and when they released their song Yellow they started getting noticed not only in the UK but in the U.S. too. Let's talk about The Scientist. That music video man. How did they film it backwards but also perfectly lip synced? Wild. They were nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2000 and from there it has literally been up and up.

Despite all seeming pretty chill for the guys, a documentary made about their evolution from four lads in university to one of the biggest selling bands on the planet showed otherwise. Head Full Of Dreams was released in 2018 and charts 20 years of the band, with lots of footage they filmed over the years.

The band have, despite sell out tours and flogging millions of records, dealt with bad reviews. It was initially very hard to cope with people disliking their music. Martin spoke to the Guardian about how it was difficult to form a thick skin. He said, "It took a while. Yeah. Because when you first make music, you’re not making it to annoy anybody. You're not saying, let's write a really catchy song so that this guy will only give us one star in whatever newspaper. No one is motivated by that."

Adding: "Then you become successful and suddenly there's this volley of arrows coming back at you, and you go: 'What? I thought we were giving sweets out, we weren't trying to hurt anybody'. So, for everybody, there's a period of how to cope with that … especially in the internet era".

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Despite negative press and the other pitfalls of success, the band have strived to do well and to try and make the world a better place. For example Martin shares ten percent of his earnings with charities.

So here's hoping the band have made the most of that holiday, they certainly deserved the break after two decades of working their butts off. And fingers crossed for a tour announcement soon.