This Is Why Dany Is Definitely Going To Burn Kings Landing Down On 'Game Of Thrones'

Helen Sloan/HBO

When you lose two of your closest allies, find out your lover (who is also your nephew) has a stronger claim to the throne than you, and watch two of your dragons die right in front of your eyes, you definitely have earned the right to be angry. However, in Daenerys' case, that anger could result in some pretty devastating consequences. With that in mind, it'd be understandable to wonder if Dany will destroy King's Landing on Game of Thrones by the time the series comes to a close and claim what she thinks is rightfully hers. At the rate things are going, the Mad Queen within could still emerge and turn this Mother of Dragons into a full-blown villain.

Up until this point has always managed to keep her darker instincts at least somewhat in check. She definitely has destructive impulses, especially when angered — and after last week's episode where she saw both Rhaegal and Missandei die, make no mistake, Daenerys is very, very angry. But she's also been aware of the tyrant her father became and has always strived to be better than he was. But if she does, indeed, sack the city and allow thousands of innocent people to die for her own personal ambitions then she may very well be past the point of no return.

Of course, it's impossible to say with absolute certainty what Dany's next move will be. The writers certainly want us to think she's on the brink of burning King's Landing to the ground, but then again, when has this show ever gone in the direction we thought it would? That being said, there are a few clues that seem to indicate King's Landing may be doomed, starting with the vision Dany had back in Season 2 when she visited the House of the Undying.

The vision showed her walking through the throne room in King's Landing, which was completely destroyed and covered in snow or ash. If it was snow, that could've hinted at the Night King's looming threat, but what if it was actually ash created from dragonfire? Was Dany being shown the death and destruction she would bring to Westeros when/if she ever returned to claim the throne? The possibility is looking stronger and stronger by the minute.

Then there's Missandei's last word that she spoke before being killed by the Mountain: "dracarys." There are a few different ways to interpret the message she was trying to send with that final parting shot, but some have taken it to mean that she was telling Dany to burn King's Landing and all of its people down. If she ends up taking that interpretation to heart, the entire city could soon become a pile of ash.

Honestly, though, it'd be a shame to see the storyline go in this direction. Dany has always served as a beacon of hope that Westeros could be ruled by a fair leader who actually cared about the people. She's helped make so many lives better before crossing the Narrow Sea, and while she's crossed the line a few times when it came to administering her version of justice, she's always maintained a fairly reliable moral compass.

To see that character development get completely obliterated would be disappointing and a disservice to all the good she did these last seven seasons.