Dany & Jon's 'GoT' Future Is Clear

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

What may have seemed way too obvious for Game of Thrones seems to be moving even quicker than expected in Season 7. Two chosen ones, both alike in dignity, seem destined to be together despite their bizarre blood connection. Will Daenerys and Jon Snow hook up on Game of Thrones? Now that we know R plus L did indeed equal J, what will happen now that J has met D?

The HBO series certainly doesn't seem to be fighting the possibility. The "Inside the Episode" for "The Spoils Of War" alluded to their connection beyond a political tension bluntly, in fact. "They're starting to be attracted to each other," executive producer David Benioff said in the clip.

Jon took her into a cave, for the Lord of Light's sake. We all know how Jon Snow feels about caves. Season 7, Episode 4 flooded that exploratory scene with tension-filled music and arm touching. It was all about togetherness. I'm telling you right here and now that if Jon ever does bend the knee, it's going to be romantic in one way or another.

Then Davos was playing matchmaker, accusing Jon of staring at the Mother of Dragon's "good heart." This is too much, too fast. I like the idea of two sensible people that respect each other falling in love and ruling Westeros together. They're about the same age. It seems like the only thing that would stop them is the fact that Daenerys' brother was Jon's dad — and while they don't know that yet, they're bound to find out soon.

Incest is and always has been a part of Game of Thrones. Daenerys and Rhaegar's parents and grandparents were siblings. In the A Song Of Ice And Fire books, you learn that Cersei and Jaime often justified their feelings for each other by reminding themselves that sibling relationships were common (if not expected) in House Targaryen.

I know it's problematic to wave off incest between members of House Targaryen as normal, because historically in the books most of the sibling marriages were forced. Jon and Daenerys would be different. If Sansa/Jon 'shippers want to get on my case, sure, I do acknowledge that you share less DNA with your cousins than you do with your parents' siblings. There is that, but it's incest either way.

Game of Thrones has thrown many a twist an turn at its audience, but I know how to read a vibe between fictional characters so well that every day I wish for my own life to include pointed music, cameras that swirl around you and edits that call attention to every stolen glance. Don't we all? These are pretty clear signs that Jon and Dany will hook up eventually on Game of Thrones, whether you like it or not.

The only other thing that would keep them apart is the threat of both the White Walkers and Cersei Lannister. As Jon protested when Davos tried to XOXO Gossip Girl him into dishing about Dany, there's no time for that. It would be a distraction for both of them. Jon is trying to build a campaign to take on the Night King, and Daenerys is itching to seize the Iron Throne from Cersei. Attraction is easy, opportunity is not. Melisandre may have brought fire and ice together, but it's not a guarantee that they're going to make a song just yet.