Prepare Yourself To Wait A Long Time For Any 'Dating Around' Season 3 News

Brandon on Dating Around via the Netflix press site

Netflix hasn't announced any plans for Dating Around Season 3, but that its second season arrives amid the COVID-19 quarantine bodes well for its future. The show managed to score a second season despite not being as buzzy as some of Netflix's other dating shows, like Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle. That it's landing amid a time when people have never been thirstier for content will likely only increase its audience (and its renewal chances).

Another thing working in Dating Around's favor? Vulture reported earlier this year that Netflix is making a concerted effort with its reality TV offerings. "Part of the goal is, we're trying to provide something for everyone," Brandon Riegg, Netflix's chief of unscripted programming, told the outlet. "And unscripted is probably the broadest content genre that’s out there, right? It's everything from game shows to docuseries to these big competition formats. We're working hard to get all of that covered and do the best shows in those various categories."

Dating Around's format is certainly one-of-a-kind, which makes it seem like a good investment for Netflix. Still, it will likely be quite some time before fans hear anything about Season 3.

Annie Flanagan/Netflix

According to another Vulture article, the year-long gap between Season 1 and the Season 2 announcement led some viewers to believe the show had been canceled. But in actuality, Season 2 had already been filmed. A rep for the series tells Bustle Dating Around Season 2 was taped in October 2019.

It's possible, then, that Netflix will film Dating Around Season 3 before officially announcing its return, depending on when the streaming service feels it's safe to film a show that kind of requires close contact. If they're able to film in October again, Dating Around could then return in February 2021, timed to Valentine's Day like Season 1 was, or sometime in the summer of 2021 like Season 2.