Netflix's 'Death By Magic' Is Not For The Faint Of Heart


Magic tricks have entertained audiences of all ages for hundreds of years. It’s thrilling to see talented people pull off unthinkable stunts and clever slights of hand that baffle the average person. But, Netflix’s latest series Death by Magic, premiering on November 30, explores the darker side of the magician world as one man performs stunts that cost other performers their lives. But, will Death By Magic return for Season 2 or is this just a short-term exploration of the magic world? There’s no indication that the show is a limited series, so there could be more stories about deadly stunts in the future.

Death By Magic stars Drummond Money-Coutts, an English magician whose family has major clout in the banking and journalism fields, per Daily Mail. Money-Coutts revealed to the publication that his unconventional (and sometimes dangerous) career path was seen as outlandish compared to his family legacy. His family eventually accepted his decision, but they thought the concept of this upcoming show was taking the action a little too far. After all, who wants to hear that their loved one is going to re-create some of the world’s deadliest stunts?

The Death By Magic trailer shows how high the stakes are for him as he travels the world. He’s seen in different locations with various groups of bystanders witnessing his heart-pounding stunts, which includes him being shot at by a very nervous woman, being chained underwater in a car, being buried in cement, and trying to escape a locked chest with an approaching train barreling straight towards him. It's incredibly bizarre to most people, but this stunt is just another day in the life of this traveling entertainer.


Money-Coutts, who looks like someone straight out of the Hitman movie, expressed his own nervousness throughout the clip, particularly when he was preparing to be trapped inside of the car. He called the stunt his "worst fear," which must be pretty bad considering he makes a lucrative living by engaging in risky behavior.

There’s also several shots of different audience members gasping in horror as they hope he doesn’t meet a tragic demise. Thankfully, there are some lighter moments with the magician doing card tricks and changing objects to get a quick smile out of people on the street.

It will be interesting to see which stunts he chooses as well as the tragic history behind them. Most American fans know about magicians like David Copperfield and Harry Houdini, but learning about magic from around the world is a cool way to introduce different cultures experiences with the art form. And, it's never not fun to see a guy in a suit do random things.

This show is definitely for people who love intense action, so those who are faint of heart may want to find something else to binge watch. Obviously, he’s going to survive all of these stunts, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch. One thing is for sure — Death By Magic is totally different from any TV series on right now.