Things Just Took A Major Turn For Deja On 'This Is Us' & Fans Are Heartbroken For Her

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

As usual, Tuesday night's episode of This Is Us offered plenty of things to get emotional about — this time it just all happened with Vegas as a backdrop. Kate voiced some of her insecurities to Beth, Kevin faced his addictions head-on, and Randall and Beth had a blow-out argument while viewers across the country looked on like horrified children witnessing a fight between their parents. Jack also delivered a line to Rebecca that will go down in history books as one of the most romantic ever, because of course he did. "You are my daily meteor shower" — are you kidding me? But one storyline hit particularly hard, and left people wondering if Deja will come back to live with Beth and Randall.

The door certainly seems open for that possibility after a surprise visit from Deja left Beth and Randall concerned for her well-being. Their former foster child arrived at their door asking for money in order to get the heat turned back on in the apartment she shares with her mother. She said her mom wouldn't accept the help if the Pearsons offered it directly, so she had to lie and say that the cash had been saved up from allowance money during her time in foster care. So, already, red flags were everywhere. Worries plagued Randall all the way to Vegas, where the couple traveled for Kate's and Toby's pre-wedding bashes, even though Beth remained determined to keep Deja's problems separate from their family's, especially after they had decided it was best for her to return to her mother.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Despite the fact that Deja called Randall from what seemed to be an alleyway, things seemed questionable, but for the moment, stable. That is, until the couple decided to spontaneously drop by on Deja and her mom's home on their way back from Vegas, and discovered them sleeping outside in their car after a neighbor informed them that they no longer lived in the building.

What happens next remains to be seen, but promos for next week's episode focus heavily on Deja, Randall, and Beth. We know from past interactions that Deja's mom isn't exactly keen on her daughter being in foster care, but she also hasn't proven herself able to maintain a safe and healthy environment for Deja, either. There is another possibility, though, besides Deja moving in with Randall and Beth. One Reddit user suggested that the couple will perhaps allow Deja and her mom to live together in the tenement apartment building they're now managing, until they're able to fully get on their feet. It seems clear that Deja's mom would still have qualms about taking a handout from them, but it would be a more appealing solution on her end compared to her daughter being taken away yet again.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The theory quickly garnered some steam online in discussion boards for the episode, and I'm pretty on board with that speculation, especially because Beth specifically referred to the building early in the episode. It seemed like a detail that may have been included to remind viewers moving forward that Randall and Beth had that asset up their sleeves. They would probably have to let the social worker know that something was up, though, especially because Deja and her mom still have to go through check-ins with social services, and there's no telling how that will play out.

Deja obviously still cares for her former foster family and maintains a bond with them, and trusts them to do the right thing, which doesn't seem to be completely true in regards to her mother. No matter how Randall and Beth choose to navigate this issue, something about Deja's living arrangement definitely has to change as This Is Us moves forward.