There's A Hint That Dylan Is On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Hiding In Plain Sight


Aside from his charming smirk and tendency to distance himself from the Luke P. drama, Dylan hasn't made much of an impression on Hannah B.'s Bachelorette season. He seems like a fun, easygoing guy, though, which could mean his reality TV journey won't end with Hannah B. If the two don't wind up together, we might see Dylan on Bachelor in Paradise.

Now, Dylan's official Bachelor in Paradise headshot was not among the first batch published by ABC, which means the network has not yet made any potential appearance official, likely because he hasn't been eliminated from Hannah B.'s group of guys. However, at this point in the show, it doesn't seem like he and Hannah are a match made in heaven, and as we know from past BiP seasons, the cast announcements slowly trickle in as The Bachelorette's suitors narrow and her final rose ceremony nears.

According to Bachelor Nation producer Mike Fleiss, filming for BiP began on June 9. "Here's the Major Announcement," he wrote, referring to a previous tweet. "#BachelorInParadise is bat-sh*t crazy!!!" So, if filming was underway then, that makes Dylan's similarly timed social media absence particularly telling.

He's normally very active (and funny) on Twitter and, over the last month, has tweeted at least twice, upwards of 10 times per day. Until June 1, that is. His last tweet was about his dedication to The Chainsmokers. "The chainsmokers could remix a toilet flushing and I’d still listen to it," he wrote. He followed up with another tweet: "Kinda hate myself for it tbh."

Perhaps he was listening to The Chainsmokers on his way to Mexico? Those could've been his last words for a while. And the longer he stays silent, the more convincing it is that he's in Paradise. What other reason would he have to so abruptly abandon the followers he obviously enjoys entertaining?

He tweeted another travel hint on the same day that alluded to him boarding an airplane. "I'm all for taking your shoes off on the plane if you've got socks on," he wrote. "But if you don't have them on you should be examined." The two tweets below it, which could have potentially been revealing replies, have been deleted. Coincidence? Probably not.

He's also pretty active on Instagram, and has been posting photos that follow along with his Bachelorette journey. Oddly enough, he didn't post one dedicated to the June 14 episode, and hasn't posted since May 31. Remember, social media use isn't permitted in Paradise.

After Dylan stripped down to a snug speedo during the Mr. Right group date with Hannah B. on The Bachelorette, he shared on Instagram that it was the most terrifying moment of his life, but he loved that it pushed him out of his comfort zone and made him do things without thinking twice. Perhaps that's why he potentially agreed to be on Bachelor in Paradise he's ready to take the risks required to fall in love.

Editor's Note: This post has been updated from its original version.