Emerald City Deserves To Expand Its World

There's so much more we need to know about these characters.

by Andrea Towers
David Lukacs/NBC

There's no place like home... and every Friday night at 9 p.m., home for me has been Oz. Thanks to Emerald City, I've been spending those nights watching Dorothy, Lucas, Glinda, West, Tip, Toto, and The Wizard go on different adventures. But on March 3, the first season will come to an end. So now I need to know if Emerald City will return for Season 2, or if I need to find permanent new Friday night plans.

It's currently too early to tell, as NBC has not yet announced whether the series is renewed or cancelled. The official word probably won't come until closer to the upfronts in May, when TV networks reveal their fall schedules. Emerald City has been pretty well-received so far, and every episode has gotten better and better, revealing more interesting tidbits that leave fans wanting more. However, those fans are relatively small in number, as the series' ratings have sharply declined since its Jan. 6 premiere. Emerald City debuted to almost 4.5 million viewers, but its most recent episode on Feb. 24 only brought in 2.3 million.

While that doesn't bode too well for a renewal, the show has already been "saved" once in its current form, as it was revived after being greenlit prematurely in 2014. And the Tarsem Singh-inspired world clearly deserves to continue, because there's an obvious dedication to the writing, casting, and production. Plus, there's so much more we need to know! Of course, I don't know how the first season will end and what cliffhangers will be dangled, but I do know that there's a lot more that I need to see from Oz. Here's what I hope to see in a (very deserved) second season of Emerald City.

Dorothy & Lucas

When we last left Dorothy and Lucas, the two friends (and for a short time, lovers) were at odds, with Lucas almost killing Dorothy and Dorothy leaving him for dead again. Hopefully, we'll get some resolution to this in the season finale, because the series can't toy with my heart like this! I need to know if my 'ship lives, and there's so much more to explore between them.

Tip, The Newest Witch Of The West?

I'll admit, I was slightly wary of Tip's storyline when she was first introduced. But she has grown into such an interesting character and in the past few episodes, we've learned so much more about her past and she clearly is learning how to take control of her destiny. (Witch coven, much?) In short: more Tip, please.

Mistress West

And on that note, more West now. I'm a little obsessed with West, but I can't help it. Ana Ularu is just so darn good at playing this character that I can't help but be drawn to her. Show me her past, her present, and give her more confrontations with Glinda. Show me why she is the way she is. I'm a sucker for redemption stories and upbringings, and West has a great one.

The Return of The Witch of The East

Yeah, I know Florence Kasumba's character is technically dead on the show, and in real life, she's busy being the toast of Hollywood and playing amazing roles in the upcoming movies Black Panther and Wonder Woman. But I'd welcome her back to Emerald City in any kind of flashbacks, because we need all the background we can get of this elegant witch. (Maybe just an entire episode full of witch sister flashbacks, NBC?)

Dorothy's Mom

We haven't seen Dorothy's mom since the show's sixth episode, which revealed how the Wizard, her mom, and their crew made their way to Oz. And though we've gotten a little more background on Karen Chapman, we haven't really seen a lot of her early life. I'd love to see an episode that took place back in Kansas, before Karen gave her daughter up and while she was working. (Plus, what about that tattoo?!)

This just scratches the surface of what I hope Emerald City can give us if it returns. There's definitely a wealth of potential to explore, and I hope NBC chooses the right yellow brick road when it comes to deciding about a Season 2.