'Good Behavior' Season 3 Isn't A Sure Thing Yet


TNT's feminist crime drama will say goodbye for the year on Dec. 17, and fans will be itching to know when Good Behavior will return for Season 3. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a solid answer yet, as it hasn't even officially been renewed yet. The two existing seasons premiered in November and October, respectively. So even if the show does get picked up again, fans could be waiting a while for any further episodes.

There's reason to be optimistic for Good Behavior's future, though, based on what audiences have had to say about the show so far. It has a great 93 percent positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, despite the rocky start it got with critics.

After its series premiere, Variety's Sonia Saraiya wrote that Good Behavior's lead, Michelle Dockery, who previously rocketed to stardom as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, "seems like a British pageant queen dropped into the hinterlands of North Carolina," and that the plot often seems like "a half-baked show trying to do too much." It was certainly a big leap for Dockery to go from a prim and proper British heiress on Downton to a drug-addicted con artist from the States, but it seems that she's come into her own in the role of Good Behavior's Letty over the past two season, and she definitely seems to care for her character.

"I think people identify with [Letty]," she told Parade magazine in October. "In some way, we’re all driven to be the best version of ourselves, and the fact that she’s a con artist, a thief, and an ex-drug addict, it’s just the size of things, really. It’s simply the the human part of her, but she’s just trying to better herself, and she’s flawed. She’s nowhere near perfect, so I think people identify with her, in the same way that they do with Javier."

Letty's tumultuous relationship with hit man Javier is another intriguing draw to the show that viewers will likely be yearning to see more of in a third season. "They always find a way [to get out of trouble]," Dockery said in the same interview. "That’s what’s so brilliant about them, and people are calling this they’re the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde more so than they were last year. You never know which way it’s going to turn. That’s what’s so exciting about this."


She doesn't seem to think Lady Mary and Letty are all that different, either, though they certainly exist in far different circumstances. "What I love about Letty and Mary is that they’re both complex, deeply flawed women," Dockery told Entertainment Tonight earlier this year. She also said she's had more of a voice as Good Behavior goes on in terms of where her character goes, though she said the bulk of the responsibility rests with the show's writers.

"It’s been two years now, and there is a conversation about the journey [between Dockery and writers]," she said in the same ET interview. Dockery also told the outlet that Good Behavior co-creator, executive producer and showrunner Chad Hodge "is a real collaborator and believes in making the show a team effort — that input from people in every single department makes the show work."


Season 2 of Good Behavior has definitely had its ups and downs for its characters, and Letty's character took a dark turn in the previous episode by shooting and killing two men. "Letty has very definitively said for all the bad things that she does, killing will never be one of them," Hodge told Entertainment Weekly. "And then now she has killed not one but two people within the span of 10 seconds. So she has a multitude of reactions very quickly, which — I’ve never been in this position, but it feels like it would be realistic for your mind to sort of spin out a little bit."

Given the effects this could have on Letty, Good Behavior may be gearing up for a cliffhanger of epic proportions to set up the wait for a potential Season 3.