Jillian Bell's 'Idiotsitter' Could Be Back To Bad Behavior In Season 3

by Kayla Hawkins
Comedy Central

Comedy Central's original comedy Idiotsitter's second season premiered a block of four new episodes on June 10. And after devouring that mini-marathon, you may be curious to know if Idiotsitter will return for Season 3. But while Comedy Central hasn't made an announcement about the future of the series yet, another four episodes are coming your way June 17.

The series has changed things up for Season 2, going from a typical one-episode-per-week schedule to a two-part mass release, with half of the episodes debuting in a marathon on June 10, and the second half on June 17. The approach splits the difference between the usual cable release and a streaming service's full-season premiere, making ratings a little hard to assess. Often, ratings are one of the first things a network will use to back up either an renewal or a disappointing cancellation.

Meanwhile, Idiotsitter star Jillian Bell will be bringing her talents to Rough Night this summer, and given that her former 22 Jump Street costar Channing Tatum made a cameo in Idiotsitter, hopefully that means their Splash remake is still on its way. Outside of enjoying more from Bell while you wait for Idiotsitter, you can try out these fresh summer comedies.

Playing House

This series is about a pair of best friends whose close relationship goes to another level when one gets pregnant and they shack up together. If you missed the first two seasons of this underrated USA comedy, the network has made them available watch before the June 23 Season 3 premiere.


It's being produced by Weeds and Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan, so you know the female characters are going to be complex and well-shaded, the comedy will frequently go to inappropriate places, and the ensemble will be impressively diverse. Those qualities all sounds fantastic, but the real draw of GLOW is that special something that makes female wrestling fist-pumpingly cool.

Friends From College

People change quite a bit over the course of their lives, but there are always a few key qualities that remain the same. And if you're lucky, you have a few friends — like the ones the characters in this new Netflix dramedy met while at Harvard — who really understand you.


If only HBO would make all of the episodes of this series available at once, because waiting almost a year to find out what happens when Issa and Lawrence see one another again has been torture. An ill-conceived reunion? Some embarrassing rebounds? A period of thoughtful conversation and reflection? I'd be genuinely shocked if it was the latter, but whatever happens, the season's July premiere can't come soon enough.

Difficult People

Hulu is caught somewhere between a cable channel and a typical streaming service. This year, they've been in the habit of dropping three episodes at once, then releasing subsequent episodes week by week. It's worked to generate conversation about some shows (The Handmaids Tale) and hasn't worked so well for others (any series besides The Handmaid's Tale). But the unlikable New Yorkers at the center of Difficult People are far more bearable one 30-minute segment at a time.

Broad City

Everyone needs a best friend, but most best friendships pale in comparison to the unholy union of Abbi and Ilana, quite possibly the best best friends ever to be friends. Broad City is gross, inspirational, and incredibly funny. Plus, it helped usher in the era of "yas, queen" being something that everyone from toddlers to corporate Twitter accounts shouts regularly. It's also Idiotsitter's most obvious predecessor.

Whether or not Idiotsitter will return, funny women are going to rule this summer.